October 4, 2023

20 thoughts on “The Rookie Updates

  1. I do like seeing Arielle slutting it up with different men. Is that scene already in the game or is that gonna be available starting in the revamp?

        1. iirc you need to lie for everything day 2 then tell ari you still have the condition, which would be the final lie needed.

  2. I hope with this revamp an additional BJ scene with Yui will be added..ooh this is gonna be a long wait..good thing i’m a student..homeworks and exams will keep me company while waiting.

  3. Hey man, I know they’re just previews but I have some feedback. I feel the TT scene was much better with her eyebrows concave up (can’t think of a better word) like in the old version. Just looks so much hotter to me (she also says she doesn’t know much about the male phallus so her expression makes more sense, through I don’t think that matters too much lol). Sorry if it’s contributing to the number of trivial complaints you get, but if making her eyebrows concave down like they are in the previews was a conscious decision of yours then I’ll respect it. Keep up the good work, fantastic as always!

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