UMAA Updates and game details

I wanted to mention my current plans for UMAA

First I will discuss the sex stuff. For this game I wanted to go into more detail for what I will call each major sex scene. these are angled scenes with named characters similar to UMCH and many of my other games. These scenes will now have some undressing with the standing character sprites and each animation sequence will have at lest two totally different angles. in UMCH I would usually speed up or alter the animation a bit to create variation. However in UMAA I will do all of that and have different angles with some dialogue between.

Also if you noticed below, ttrop and I are working on animations where the character are partially dressed.

You will unlock these animations through major story sequences and there will be a lot of scenes in the cafe. In addition to those, there are top down animations that can be unlocked through the shooting mini game.

Speaking of the cafe, the cafe and mall areas from Sentoryu will appear here, in addition to other areas. These new areas will be the primary way Maiko will be able to find her Nanako classmates. Traveling to the areas will be similar to how traveling working in Umichan Sentoryu. I don’t plan to have many (if any) travel buttons on screen like in UMCH. Money will also work like in Sentoryu with Maiko having a Max supply of money.

Similar to UMCH/CC maiko will have a main objective and the player can explore and complete this main objective at their leisure. At lot the in-between main story scenes will be earning Rank by completing various missions. Maiko will have multiple ways of resolving issues on these missions. Also I want to have a way to create custom missions also. I will make a post going into more detail about missions later.

The main story of UMCH will be Maiko’s time as an agent. Alma fears maiko is getting close to the time where she would die in the future is she is not strong enough. And having already battled gemco agents, Alma puts her on a accelerated training program. This will not only make Maiko stronger but give her some reprieve from being attacked by anymore agents.

During UMAA, players will be able to follow up on some of the events that happened in UMCH and be able to get the executives perspective on it. There are also follow ups to events from The Rookie.

Since ARIA takes place at the same time as this game, characters that appear in ARIA will not be available until after certain story events.

If you played ARIA or the Rookie you know agents are grouped into teams. Candy and Vux from Agent trainer, Splashing surprise will be on Maiko’s team. Vux is calm and mature but can get hot headed ans swears. Candy is a bit like Pattie. Please play the games I mentioned to get a better understand of those characters.

There will also be new agent characters introduced in UMAA. Mainly other male agents since there canonically should be a majority of males. but so far only a limited number of them are actually named characters.

more info to come later~
these will include new characters, missions, and team/class assignments.