January 1, 2024

14 thoughts on “UMAA Updates and game details

  1. I’m liking what I hear so far. A bummer about the bugs but it’s fully understandable. Your patrons have your back. great art so far as usual.

    Thank you for the update. Have fun with your work Vortex.

    1. Yeah I’m going to try to get the intro scene done and I still need to figure out smooth high-quality animations on mobile.

  2. I don’t care about the sausages. If they are not relevant characters i’m fine with shadow nameless characters or clones. Or the classic invisible dudes with visible penises.

    1. I’ll have plenty of random animations like that with anonymous sausages if that’s your thing. I know many people also like context that leads into the sex scene.

      1. Fine with random sauges but hope to see variation in them like umcc.

        I have to agree though context with sex beats sex.

  3. Hmmm, game after game I notice how the Agents are changing as well!
    For example: That Agent from Jailbreak, light skin tone and more curves.
    Now this one has ripped abs, which makes so tempting to fail a battle or follow other route just to see the H-scene.

  4. looking great, can’t wait to play through the story

    personally, I think the less clothes the hotter. that been said those poses stil look pretty hot. thanks for all the hard work

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