ARIA related updates

New ARIA stuff is still in development. I will be getting art for Remi and Goo drawn in the realistic style like the main cast.

ARIA Project: Group

I’m still not sure what form that game will take but it will likely be a puzzle or some version of the old ARIA combat system.

ARIA combat system remake in html5

oddly enough I have also been making ARIA themed music that I will add to the OST once complete. I tried to add prerecorded voice also like some of the previous songs. But I’m not really good at it. Once I get the background music done I can find someone to do new vocals for it. These songs don’t have names yet. person folks can suggest names for 3rd and 4th. yes there is a 1st and 2nd also but I didn’t feel like it was ready yet.

check older ARIA songs in the OST here: