Project Updates

Just a small update post.

It’s nice to get to posting several different kinds of content, instead of like none for the past month or two. But as some of you may know, if I’m not posting it usually means I’m working on a lot of stuff.

This month I will have a Yui x Cain scene added to Provocative Punishment for patrons.
I also plan to wrap up Futa Fantasy. I think I have 3 to 4 more remi animations I can add to it.

Also the “Animation Changes?” post will decide how I move forward with UMAA. At the moment I am bit stuck on how I want to do animations for that. I think it is good test since I am essentially testing a top down shooter anyway. Some animation stuff I have tried works fine on a desktop computer but when I export for mobile, it lags badly. Also in a game where I want to have several sex scenes in a game engine I haven’t really used much, I have a concern for how much image load it can handle without crashing. So far, even a single 1 second animation at 30 fps using 30 separate images with transparency seem to be too much for it. Putting it in a sprite sheet worked better but still seem to have lag issues there due to it’s size. In flash I just used a video format, but in html5 a browser would require the user to allow permission for each animation to play even though they loaded up the game. I’m guessing the app would not do that. I haven’t tried reducing the animations to a 720p sprite sheet yet so I will try that this month also.

I wanted to start building up the Umiya game also. There is already lot of art made for it. Especially if I just toss all the stuff from UMAA in here and just use animation sequence and top down stuff for UMAA. Umichan Umiya (working title) will be similar to Umichan Sorani, but have a lot more sex scenes.