The Rookie game ideas

I plan to stress test the UMCH Lite engine to contain all 70+ characters and various backgrounds to see if it builds and see how it runs. I’m hoping this massive upfront work will allow me to make/update different games quickly. also combine some games into one larger game.

One game that will also be possible to take a look at is the Rookie. And this post is about a few ideas for revisiting that, assuming everything goes well.

previous ideas
the obvious would be to expand the story beyond the current ending.
Also I recall some requests to have endings for Remi and Phia.

recent ideas
I’d actually like to rework the game to include the agent teams to flesh out the school.

Including guy and girl characters.

Currently I think you bump into a couple trainer girls at the start and you bump into different members of Arielle’s team during different parts of the game, including Jeo.

But now that more named guys for the Academy are made, they can be buddies with the rookie or cause problems for trying to romance the main girls, etc. This is the same for female character as well.

Also currently in the rookie if you don’t make the team, you are kind of in the limbo state but I could make it where you possibly join some other team now. I was thinking the team that Maiko joins later in the story.

Also in various other games, I have a few characters working for execs but it’s not really fleshed out well. So it would be nice to do that here.

in UMCH some of the execs do nefarious deeds that catches the Umichan characters off guard. It would be interesting to see the build up to those things here and/or from different perspective. Albert saying cringey stuff about Savori, Ace kidnapping stuff, and Natan stealing from Lynn, etc.

also the topic of wet t-shirt content came up somewhat recently in the discord and I think the game would be actually a good place for that seeing as how you already have competitive teams.

finally since I have made Umichan High Stakes I can continue the rookie story into that one from his perspective.