January 2, 2024

29 thoughts on “The Rookie game ideas

        1. Yeah an update like how I describe in this post. I’ll have a similar post like this about sentoryu in the near future. But like I mentioned here. It is tentative on the engine handling all the character and backgrounds. This is something I plan to try next month. This month is catching up on animations.

    1. There are several animations i’m working on right now, and a few of the them have David. but I think only one of the has his face in it. David is more likely to show up in scenes in Umichan games.

  1. Hope my ideas from the ARİA posts make it into some games (preferably to ARİA itself or to sequel). Btw mate dont burn yourself out take it easy slow and steady.

    1. I remember your comments were very specific to ARIA but I can recheck them later and see if anything can apply to this game. I don’t really have time for slow and steady unfortunately but i’ll try where I can.

      1. i know you dont like it when people do this but any dates in mind for when these games or projects could come out? You dont have to answer if its too early in development for that. Also while my comments where very specific to Aria i would not mind them in your other games/projects as long as they still appear in Aria.

        1. I have the characters in the engine, now I need to do the backgrounds, but still need to make the Academy. Once I do that I’ll have a better idea.

  2. its not a request at all, since your games is already soooo awsome, whatever u do is just god-like level of fap material. but some more anal and gangbang scenes would be like the cherry on top of another cherry on the cake .

    1. Many thanks. Idk about ganbangs but I have several threesomes in the works. I usually actually try not to go above three people in one scene because the process from start to finish takes more time than I would like to commit to a single animation. There’s like 50+ animations I am working through I’m sure there’s a couple anal in here at least.

  3. Will there be any more Futa Fantasy updates? You did create more futa scenes so that’s why im asking 🙂 for example Remi x Luma. Will you create more Remi x Maiko content? And what about Remi x Jeni?

    1. I don’t know if I will update that game since it’s just a kinetic novel more or less.
      some remi stuff went into the rookie I believe.
      at the very least I’ll have the animations posted

      I’m not sure i have new remi x maiko i haven’t used yet. I don’t see any remi x jeni.
      there is lot of other remi stuff though.

  4. “Also in various other games, I have a few characters working for execs but it’s not really fleshed out well. So it would be nice to do that here.”

    It might be too much work but would be interesting to have a “dark route” like work for the execs or explore more about Arielle or the other girls and be either helpful or make the situation worse for them on purpose. Like savori and nathan in the original game,but man did that get too dark too quick…didn’t expect that from a game with this bright colors and music.

    1. Yeah not everything is butterflies and rainbows. I guess “dark route” here would be the existing “lie” route. It could just go further the more you go into it. I doubt it would be anything too drastic thought because the Rookie is not canonically evil when you are playing other games as Maiko. But yeah I could expand “dark route/lie” stuff with the execs, and have some specific endings for that.

    1. ideally yes but i can’t say anything with 100% certainty
      once I use Purin more it will justify scenes with her.

      1. Hi sorry for the long the long delay but here is an Execs that is not evil you can change the name if you want.

        Name: Courtney O’brien
        age: 20 (he could be fairly new)
        Gender: Male
        Personality: Courtney has what he calls a knight personality which means he always helps out anyone who needs help even if they are not on his team, he is kind, caring and helpful towards his team (if you decide to give him one) he helps them out with training, school work and any other stuff they need help with, some of the execs mock Courtney ( Albert is one of the main ones to mock him) for how he is as they “you will never lose your virginity being soft” (he is not a virgin). Courtney is ex army so he is mostly wants to go and do stuff but he can adapt, when he first started working he was shocked by some of the execs who would do little work and get way more money than they deserve all the money he gets go towards his team.

        Appearance: Courtney is a handsome young man with medium black hair and ice blue eyes he stands at 7 feet tall which is scary for anyone who meets him for the first time and he uses it to his advantage against some of the execs (he says it is fun to scary some people who need to be brought down to earth)

        Hope you like this.

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