January 2, 2024

7 thoughts on “MMD Tutorial: Leg Physics

  1. Thank you, looks nice. I will try it later. Can you do a tutorial like this about butt physics or atleast show the basic structure of bones and colliders please? Physics designed for you looks amazing and sexy XD.
    I want butt physics in a model but is very hard for me.
    Note: Sorry if my english is not very good.

    1. I can try, but it is pretty complicated how I do it. There are probably easier ways you can find online.

      1. I haven’t found any tutorial about butt physics, and there are not many models with that feature to study. I will really appreciate if you do a tutorial, thank you for the fast reply.

  2. Really nice tutorial, Thanks!!
    ps. my legs were jiggling too much but then I made the new bones smaller like from knee too middle thigh and don’t let the knee joints move anymore, works perfectly now for me.

    1. I can try at some point but I think you don’t see a lot of tutorial for that because implementation of that can vary depending on how the models legs are weighted to the hip bone, if at all.

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