Learming MMD 4: Bo Peep

I will post the videos I make as I teach myself how to use MMD as I go along.

I did some heavy custom motion data here. I was  essentially trying to eliminate all the areas where parts of the body go through each other. This data works a lot better on less busty characters, but this exercise was a good experience for getting a good understanding of the motion data despite the fact that I pretty much messed it up with my shitty booty jiggle lol. I was made before I actually saw the music video of the song.

I added a clap in motion data but decided to use the English remix version of the song which didn’t have the down beat clap in the music.

I decided to leave the clap in anyways.

MMD info/credits:
MMD Model data “Hong Meiling Ver.1.21(Swimsuit)” – Vortex00 Edit
MikuMikuDance Model created by Arlvit.
Copyright ZUN. (Touhou Project)

[STAGE FLOOD] World is mine HQ stage
created by ~ amiamy111

T-ara Bo Peep Bo Peep Remix English Cover
created by ~ ashilia4life

Camera and Motion – Vortex00 Edit (available upon request)

Diffusion 7