Learming MMD 5: Custom Importing

I will post the videos I make as I teach myself how to use MMD as I go along.

this is a very early version where I was actually working towards getting custom thing I modeled myself into MMD. this is WIP of a OC of mind named Umiya Maiko.
Maiko appears in Umichan Maiko series flash games I have created.

Here shows some custom importing of the hair, adding bones, rigging, and hair physics.

It is quite a bit of work. I can see it easily taking a day or so for me just to make one set of hair in MMD that works properly and looks halfway decent.

I have recently learned breast physics and the breast physics in this is not really existent. But I will do a modified version next for comparison. It will be in the next video.

also don’t like how the boobs are glued together in this base. So I might use a different one. it makes sense for when you add clothing thoguh, so idk.

MMD info/credits:
Eto x Kio base
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Active Particle Light
Object Luminous
Diffusion 7