Allow me to do some justice to the only singer in the JLCK story. A lot effort went into this video.


Arguably as popular as Luma, very talented, loves her cute little sister Leyah more than anything. she is also very positive and friendly towards others and she always inspires others to give their very best effort. Zytra later goes by the name stage name Demi and rocks the stage with Greel (who often times will appear on stage with a mohawk hairstyle) with a few other band members. And yes, Lynn still manages the band. One day Demi spots her good friend Umi (what she calls Maiko) in the audience with Chris. After the show and not seeing her for so long she wondering what happened. She knows that Maiko should also be on the stage with them. But during that time Maiko has very little to no memory of her past. Demi helps her to remember her times back during school. She get reacquainted with old friends like Greel and Lynn. Maiko is surprised she was even friends with mega superstars.

This is why I found it so important to explain Maiko’s past first in UMCC (and even UMCCv2) before starting JLCK. So you can understand not only Chairty, but the people she meets from her past.

This happens in JLCK Chapter1. I have a crappy Multimedia fusion game that started to tell this story but never finished. But I will have the story of this when I start doing the JLCK stuff. Also the Gheist’s dream is Charity and Chris going to the concert where Demi first notices Charity.

more about Zytra
Zytra’s story is not all rainbows and positivity. She has a dark past. She she swore to her dieing parents that she would always protect her little sister Leyah. And she had a deep lover for her that even sometimes gets sexual. Leyah equally loves her big sis.

Zytra already almost killed someone defending Leyah.

Zytra and Leyah both became amazingly good swimmers after nearly drowning, Zytra barely managed save herself and Leyah.

Zytra when she was little would always tell her parents how she would be a great superstar. And how they would love going to her show. She pretends her parents are watching her performances, which allows her to try her very best to entertain the audience.

Sometimes Zytra will just breakdown and cry because of her past, despite how positive she tries to be. She tries not to let anyone see her this way.

And on a lighter note, Dizzy thinks Zytra is actually a witch. and she used a spell to turn her cat into a human, and Leyah is really her cat in human form. That is now she explains Leyah acting cute and moe and liking Magical Kitty.

As with Maiko, Annie intervenes in Zytra life and changes it for the better. (remember that Maiko would have completely died in DoE if not for Annie’s ability as a time traveling oracle)

Zytra is able to communicate to herself in the impossibilities of white world. So the past Zytra knows about what her future self had to go through. Annie’s only requirement is that Zytra gives it her all to becoming the biggest superstar singer, Zytra also want this for herself. This happens after UMCC.

The Zytra and Leyah in this video is in their fixed life and Zytra is on her mission to be the best.

Like many other characters, Zytra and Leyah can easily have their own story focused just on them lol. I just have to find the time to do it.

I wanted to put parts of Zytra’s story into UMCC but I will save it for v2. It will probably involve the story of her parents, and also involve Leyah getting kidnapped.

I will document some of this stuff in the text section eventually.