UMCH: cafe progression test


Download cafe minigame

this is a demo of the cafe minigame starting at lvl 1. you can’t just click what level you want now.
It is the first iteration of leveling in the cafe so there will need to be some adjustments made.

it should for the most part work just like the previous cafe mechanically speaking.

refer to this if you are trying to figure out what this is:


some things to note here:
cafe lvl 4 is the max.

you need to play this through the umch2.swf to see the text

I know the cafe is called UMCC_cafe, I just accidentally labeled it umcc because I am used to typing umcc instead of umch

at the moment the chance a person will want to talk/flirt after a correct order is set at 50%

in this demo the friend you get working with Maiko is random out of Jeni, Stacey, Pattie, and Leyah. it re-rolls when yo leave and re-enter the cafe.
in fact everything resets currently when you leave and re-enter.

Maiko going to flirt with people is not working yet even thoguh the button appears.

when Maiko sends the friend to flirt, they all do the same thing currently. they add +1 to popularity after 2 attempts to match orders have passed.

Friends can’t go on new flirts the same time they get back.

there is currently no way in the game to get p service clients or do the s service minigame.

there are no dialogue scenes added yet. but some of them are written.


some things I plan for the friend passives when they are sent out. still thinking about this. ideas are welcome.
Leyah = increase popularity randomly by 1 to 3 when she returns. increases the frequency of customers wanting to flirt.
leyah is charismatic and high energy. make it easier to lvl up the cafe.

Jeni = 50% chance to increase or decrease cafe popularity by 1 when she returns. also has a chance to get score p.service clients if increase happens.
all encounters for jeni doesn’t go well because of her hostile personality. But she good at secretly telling people about the extra services.

Pattie = increase popularity by 1 on return.
not sure what else Pattie has tbh lol. I don’t want too much, because you can use from the start at any time.

Stacey = chance to increase in p. clients by +1 on return. chance is 25% x the cafe level.
Stacey is more of endgame after the shop is leveled up and you want to focus on p. clients to make more money.