small site updates

Been super distracted playing dragon age inquisition. I love the dragon age series.
But things have been getting done just slowly. If I have not replied to your comment or inbox message I will get to it.
Some of them I read immediately but have to think about my answer and then the best way to word it.

Pinoytoons finished majority of the stuff for the small ARIA game featuring Amp. Everything is done except for the hentai loops in which he didn’t have time to commit to it.
The game itself can still be made with or without hentai thoguh. Well one hentai images is done for what it is worth. As many of you might know my main concern is first the game itself, before it becomes a “hentai” game.

I have a mmd video done that I need to upload. the video is 3 different songs with the newest model version of Maiko.

I plan to record my VortexPlays videos tomorrow. I finally at least unzipped the game files today XD
If you are unfamiliar with VortexPlays. It is just me doing a first impressions on hentai games without know anything about it. I look at it from the perspective of someone who also makes hentai games.

I plan to do 3 arcade games before the Thanksgiving holiday.
One is a ARIA space battle high score game. Not sure the playable character, but it will be just one person, might be a random mercenary or crew person the works under Arielle or something.

one will be a example of the game play for the Amp game, so a scrolling shooter and finding items to move to the next area.

finally will be a stab at redoing the music minigame for UMCH.

I saw someone uploaded this bleach image so i randomly used it in this post lol. Idk whatever, I’m sleepy.