Riley Christmas 2014 cg painting


lines by @Eriot
I did the coloring. I normally go over the lines with a pen tool but I didn’t do that this time.

yep, I can confirm I still don’t like coloring or drawing stuff lol. Though there are some things I want to finish. My back and neck was hurting by the end of this. This took roughly 3 hours or so to color. I this is basically the only digital coloring I have done since March. But I did at least pick up an interesting coloring method using gradients that can be seen in the video.

I also felt like it was time to include a umichan song I never uploaded, you might be able to guess the song reference heh. It talks about the rivalry between Maiko and Luma from the view of her girlfriends. such as Riley and others.

and everyone is so cool! heh