Umichan character updates

Here is a update on my progress on trying to do 2D character models in UMCH like in UMCC, and possibly a UMCC character art update. Mostly all of the characters I tried to make so far are of the busty variety. Luma, Zytra, and Stacey. I still have to think of the the best way to make the movieclips. Also keep in mind non of these are complete. Mostly they are missing accessories, both on the wrists and in the hair.

Zytra is a sporty girl but still very girlish. So she has capri leggings and sneakers, and leaves her undershirt out so she can quickly pull her top clothes off and change into something she can exercise in. Since Luma is away often, Ztyra has a more active role managing cheerleading. While continuing her swimming, guitar, and eventual theater. She also takes over student council duties of Luma is not available. All while still somehow finding time to teach Tsugo to sing. many guys are jealous of him more so than ever now for various reasons. In the game, Tsugo shifts his from Joey to helping Zytra manage her schedule, and keeping her at her best, and taking her and Leyah on shopping sprees.


Luma is not at the shcool daily. On some days she is at a different school in a GemCo Special agent training program, with Riley and Lynn. Luma enjoys her new found free time when returning back to the school almost in celebrity status. When Luma is back she is usually fixing problems around the school that happened she was away, seeing how Maiko and Stacey are getting along, cheerleading Joiry and David’s sports games, and spending time with Zytra shopping. After the events of ARIA, Luma Riley and Lynn attend the school daily as usual and resume their responsibilities that Maiko covering. Luma also has Sporty school attire but has to keep her shirt tucked in due to teachers harassing her about being a role model for other students.


this is a time line of how Luma looked startign around 2011. she was designed even before then, but I would have dig further to find he images. She started out on a old game made in multimedia fusion, were you actually play as riley in a minigame similar to the test day minigame in umcc.

timeline of Zytra. I menited a lot about Zytra in umch above. not much more to say. For those that don’t know, the white ribbon mean she is on the swim team. Luma also has one but I have made it yet. If you recall Pattie and Leyah have white ribbons also. Actually now that I think about it. the Swim team is the largest school approved club.

This is a example of the the different arm positions I can make with just the two straight and bent arm positions. I’m also going to have to change Stacey’s hair colors to better match Luma. As it is currently, it is too bright and light colored. There is also different facial expressions that can be made.

Here is the mmd scene again with the 2D art lazily placed on top of it. Savori’s hand of hips gesture can already be made of you look at the the above stacey pic. the right side stacey with the arm on her hips can simply be copied to the other side. I still need to make the guys in their school attire.