updates for jan14

so started coloring the pattie pic. It looks a bit odd at a first glance but I can’t put my finger to the exact issue. the eyes,mouth, eyebrows, etc. are separate so I can make different facial expressions for dialogue. But it also allows to to make some positioning adjustments. I think i need to maybe adjust the position of the nose.
As for the neck I realized I just time I just make the head a bit shorter gradually. Like I raise up the jawline so i make the neck looks long as a result because i don’t bring the whole head down. I still think it is okay here albeit debatable. if the position of the eyes need adjusting now would be a good time to mention it. This pic is important because Pattie talks to Maiko quite a bit in the beginning parts of the game according to the dialogue written so far.


after this one is okay I’ll begin the one where she is looking forward. I might not make Kyle up lose like this. It is likely it will be unique to pattie. at least so far.

next was a example pic to see how using the mmd schoolgirl legs I made to be a guide for making different leg positions for the 2d art. imo it would be better if the characters had variations is not just the arms and facial expression but the legs as well.


I also found the old version of the wordpress RPG stuff the past weekend. So I planned to begin working on that today or something time this week. For those that don’t know. this was basically a type of RPG system that is embedded into the website. where you can level up and deal damage to each other and stuff. I was going to make it aria or umichan theme. if it is umichan theme you might level up a sentinel, if aria theme you’ll have a laser gun. both could be interesting. I think I will go for the umichan theme though for now because I have more ideas for it. both are possible eventually. More on this later.