UMCH Alpha v1 test


this is a alpha release of umch. you can get a idea about how the game will be. it is really a pre-alpha.


it takes a few milliseconds to switch between swfs as the game loads a different one, so I’m not sure what can be done to prevent it from blinking. Maybe I can try to put in a fader that mostly hides it and helps it blend better. time it takes to load new swfs vary based on the computer. I tried playing from a desktop and laptop.

At the end of day 2, ie. 2 days passed at night time with no tasks left, I had 903 money.
I want to see how long it takes people to build up money so I can have a idea about how to make the game progression.

when you get around 1k post what days you are on and how many tasks you have left.
you can check this by exiting any minigame and Pressing ‘Q’ to bring up the tablet. from there, click the Status icon.

I was thinking about making the fighting tournament ticket cost 4k. but it might be good to make it perhaps 2k.

and based on story elements, various things around the school will need to be fixed before you can use them, because a lot of stuff got damaged at eh school overnight. And with Luma and Riley gone for agent training it falls to Maiko to raise the money to get things fixed.

for example you can’t so swimming at the start of the game because someone vandalized the pool and it needs to be cleaned. the story scenes will be included in the next version, still in mmd form.

only cafe stuff is in this build of the game.

if you need help understand what to do in cafe minigames please refer to information found in older posts:

cafe minigame:

pleasure service: