MMD: Burlesque


Finally finished as much of this as I gave myself time for. Sorta feels rushed but a lot of time was put into this even still. I really need to get back working on things such as UMCH and Umichan 3D for a bit. I still plan to make smaller videos like the TeAmo video. That video only took a few hours while this took a week or more.

The pole dance motion is a wip and I haven’t made facials yet. I might make another video when I do. I had planed to use some facials from some other motion in this video but I forgot. The video is not perfect, but I’m not trying to stress out over making something perfect. It was pretty fun and enjoyable to make overall. And I can always use these outfits for other stuff. I was thinking about combing this outfit with the jewel outfit from the sexy love video: