ARIA mingame merge test

This is a test of me merging the two other minigames into the main game.
It is still very wip, also not all the graphics are in place. still not quite ready for beta bug testing. still need adjust the girls stats and make the normal and hardmode maps functional. also you can pick up resource boxes with the flame of the exploration pod lol. You can currently do the raid but it doesn’t affect the space battle yet. This video would be shorter but I “died” and Phia. Phia fukken wasting my bombs! when to lose/die they will not be available for raids for a few days. and/or you will need to heal them with either Tiffany or Remi. All the details are not worked out yet. but I might try to squeeze a medical/sick bay in there. for when girl loose space battles, raids, or exploration stuff. so you don’t want to be getting TT injured. not sure what happens if they are all injured, but we’ll see.

I think I can make a few more space station areas also. maybe make some smaller and easier. and a few asteroids. I will have a “open space” zone where you can wander around and see what you can find but it wont be that productive compared to if a space station of asteroids are around. Also the asteroids will appear and disappear as days pass. so the map will be somewhat randomish.