Updates + life changing events pt. 2

Some of you may remember back in March I made a post about leaving my job patreon full time.

That will finally happen after this week is over. I will be able to do patreon full time. Everything I have done so far has been while maintaining a fulltime 8hr a day job. but atm their is enough patreon support for me to work on content full time. And hopefully make it grow more to hire on people to help etc. So thanks to everyone who is supporting. even $1 helps.


Working on adding Joiry and Tim sex scenes.
Another sex scene for Holly will be added also, titfuck.

for those looking for the public version, there was a few bugs I in the patreon version I need to work out. And I need to add the other main story events, and I need to make ways to boost sex exp to 100 so people won’t complain (as much) about it, then it will be ready after all that is added and tested.

ARIA: The Rookie:
Working on Remi and Luma sex scenes, then I will begin writing for the events that happen the next day.

working on ARIO animations and dialogue stuff atm.