Updates: ARIO,The Rookie, going out of town for the weekend, UMCH + more.

Family reunion:
Going out of town for a family reunion from July 22 and get back on the 24th. I will have my laptop and phone with me. But I’m not sure if I’ll get much of anything done while there. Depends on my interest in the stuff happening at the reunion I guess heh. If I do work on stuff there it will probably be The Rookie. I plan to have all the art and stuff done and ready to add into the game before I leave.

tonight I plan to wrap up a few issues where ARIO shooting does not work on macs and a few bugs and spelling issues.
After that that game will be pretty much done.

The Rookie:
literally all of yesterday sun up to sun down, and about half of today, I have been finishing The Rookie day 2 script.
I just finished recently today. No I need to spell and grammar check, then begin editing and resizing the art for the new scenes for day 2.

For those that don’t know The Rookie is a small Visual Novel(VN) game I worked on earlier as side project.

whether you like Umichan stuff or ARIA stuff, it is related to both.
In fact all of my games share the same universe, and usually they tell part of a overall story from a different perspective.

I plan for The Rookie game to take place across three in game days. The first days is done, the art for day two is created and ready to be animated. I will try to have animation on day two and three instead of just images.

After day three and the game is done, I will go back to day one and try to replace static scenes with animation also.

I also plan to speed up the text speed, and make skipping not skip stuff you haven’t read. I think scene transition time will remain the same thoguh.

so that road map for that game.

Haven’t worked on on UMCH much because I have been doing ARIO and The Rookie. But either way next week I will resume progress on UMCH. I think next will be more scenes to make up the David quest stuff, aka the Nighttime menace quest. All the art is done for it but I might have ttrop make a few more things for it. About half of the animations are done for it. The animation between Maiko and David is the boxing area will be part of that quest. And so will the night time pov sex stuff It is just added into the game early.

And while I am thinking about it, I just want to mention that none of the current areas or minigames currently in UMCH should be considered as a final. A lot of that stuff will have things added to them from bg character dialogue, to additional activities to do, better layouts and UI, scenes added, etc.