The Rookie update status

Finally started back working finishing the Rookie. This was a VN game I started working on for fun while UMCH was in development.
It takes place at a different school during the same time as UMCH. Unlike UMCH here you play the role as a male. and in this setting I am more able to have sex scenes for character like Lynn and Riley because there is a build up of romance.

The things I have been adding recently are dialogue situation with characters you are not romancing. Imo the game was missing learning about other characters. You don’t really get a chance to like them of not because you only spent time with the character you were going after. But after the updates you will get to know all the main girls.

also conveniently tyranobuilder (the software I use to make this game) had an update that added am very much needed UI improvement. the UI options you currently see in the images haven been in tyrano for while but you had to manually create everything. Now they have some nice little UI themes to select from. Makes it look a little more professional. And adds much needed config options.

I hope to finish the added dialogue where you get to know the girls better today. then I will find a way to work in the two remaining sex scenes which also contain their own set of dialogue and animations etc. Then connect the ending of this with the ending on UMCH and I should be done for the coding and writing. At that point I’d need to work in background music and any sound effects. I think I’ll be done after those thing s are compete.

Lynn takes you on a tour of the academy before you enter Cain’s office.


I made it where Riley is the Rookie’s childhood friend.