Daughter of Eve VN updates

over a year ago I started working on a small project to turn a flash fighting game called Daughter of Eve in a Visual Novel for easier consumption.

Daughter of Eve

Daughter of Eve

since it hasn’t had any progress since then, I commissioned the programming work to polisummer https://twitter.com/polisummer

This would be my first time getting someone else to program anything, but it’s just only so much I can do by myself. I year with no progress is just way too long.

I think I will need to do this for the swimming game, and the small Yui game also.

last I checked, all the text programming done as is adding the art. I sent the music and sfx over yesterday~

below are concept images I had in mind.

the events that happen here, are in the past before UMCH, and lead up to Maiko getting her hairpin from Annie.