ARIA combat system remake in html5

I am continuing to make aria prototypes off and on to see what might work best for the art recently created.
below is a remake of the flash aria game in html5 using construct 2

the combat will play like the flash game but some of the abilities will be updated listed below.
some of the passives I am already finished with.

buster – enemy nodes take stacking bonus damage for each repeated hit (finished)
power shot – lasers do not get destroyed when colliding with enemy lasers. (finished)
mega laser – destroys all enemy lasers and attack ships in play, destroys all shields, reduces all enemy node units counts by X , enemy ship(s) is unable to fire lasers for X seconds
erupt – currently targeted node loses all units and shield
recharge – reduce mega laser cooldown based on number of ally nodes

rapid – shoot speed increase (finished)
pierce – lasers will travel through non-shielded nodes and damage other enemy nodes it collides with. (finished)
revolt – all enemy nodes loose units
seduce – capture a enemy node that has less than X units
missile – fire a high damage missile at currently targeted node. node will be unable to generate units for x seconds. this missile breaks shields.

efficiency – units count in ally nodes increases 2x faster
shotgun – attacks all enemy nodes at once (finished)
shield – place a damage shield around all ally nodes
reserves – all ally nodes gain X units
fortress – (toggle) stops the ship from shooting lasers to make all shields recover shield strength.

hex – enemy nodes gain units and half rate. enemy ship laser and attack ships speeds are halved.
degeneration – ally nodes take x damage when active abilities are used
disruption – all enemy nodes take X damage
weaken – enemy laser damage is reduced to 1 for X seconds.
disaster – destroy all enemy objects. enemy nodes takes damage based on the number of destroyed objects. ally nodes take x damage

below are current screenshots

here is a old screen shot from a old build of aria that this is based on

just like in the old aria flash game, I plan to have module/upgrades/etc come form of gatcha style crates. these will also contain outfits and items to help with the overall progression of the game.

there will be multiple levels and different difficulties for each level that will give you more resources. certain planet levels will also have stage hazards. for example the fire planet will have periodic heat waves that will destroy attack ships in route to a node. The asteroid area will have asteroids floating through that will block lasers. The enemy will also have unique ships that increase the difficulty of the battles.

I do want to have a overall storyline here but it will be mostly about the gameplay. Each player girl will have a story leading up to a sex scene that will unlock as you use and upgrade the character.