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  1. Hey Vortex00 Are you a Girl ?

  2. Hi Vortex, I can´t see the stuff for Patreons on december neither january, where can I find it? Thank you

  3. what is the password ? I just copied and pasted and now I cant find it again . I know its something like vortexisbackatit but not sure exactly.

    • I don’t post passwords here. either ask on patreon, or google “advanced rogue intelligence assault password”. Check gamesofdesire search results, you don’t even have click the links to see it.

  4. I cannot access the patreon content (password and hentaifan) although I still am pledging and my pledge for January must have gone through (I have enough in my prepaid credit card). I could do this previously without any problem but after 2 days it just says marketing collateral. Is there a problem with my account?

    • I need to investigate what is going on, patreon might have changed something.
      or it might have gotten screwed up when I deleted all the postmeta.
      send me a message on patreon also.

  5. what the password for 2.3.1?

  6. Hey bro. Where can I access the music on your website. I saw it was rearranged and I can’t find it.

  7. Select from the list the characters that appear in ARIA…Do you guys know the answer of it? I need help5555

  8. i have play UMCC it interesting i feel like it kind miss the cheating part of game name you know like being caught by maiko boyfriend as she fucking another guy and they start fighting over her if there both naked lol and same with girls catch maiko fucking there boyfriend she and maiko start catfight like give that feel being cheaters. huh may you add something in update for it where like maiko always boy to sneak into boy lockers beside hide and wait in locker i don’t know how put this she take peek in boy’s shower room see boys like compare cock sizes to each others or cockfight/sword fights each others in showers that turn her on to where thing in school sex club or her home where maiko need two guys with equal relationship with her to fight over her. what do you think of it would be cool for update 5 if your still doing offline update for UMCC

    • Thanks, the “cheater” part of classroom cheater referred more to using sex to quickly gain stats, money, or to complete certain minigames.

      also I’m not sure how many people want to see a penis sword fight heh.

      • Your welcome , so it that kind of cheaters huh i thought was about school drama of cheaters and jealousy n school hentai type settle . You be surprised about that heh i thought of penis sword fight as typical sexual contest that sometimes happened in school like hentai settle you know would hurt try it and do little test demo of it ?

  9. you could explain or see what up with the Register spam test i click on name characters that i see in your aria game i keep get error on it ? aren’t jeo , phia , Arielle , linda are characters that appear in aria right ?

  10. I have a save from ARIA 2.2 but it’s not working on ARIA 2.3. How do I fix this? Also, where do I find the battle codes?

  11. How do the test work in UMCH? Whenever I click something I just get a question mark.

  12. What is the name of a city, where the events of UMCH occur?

  13. Does Jeni love anyone of the boys?

    • Nope. Closest thing would be her brother David thoguh. She reeducates him through sex. And offers herself to him so he wont go around harassing other girls. like attacking girls at night and forcing them to do lewd stuff. Or tricking a few of the oddballs like Dizzy into sex. But she is busy with other stuff like boxing and cafe so she isn’t always there to handle it when he gets horny.

      • Wow, some incest there. Didn’t know about that. I like it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        • There whole family is incest. but the relationship between David and Jeni can be deduced form playing both UMCC and what’s currently assembled fo[r UMCH. Most notably for UMCH in the socialize parts.

          • I see.
            I didn’t play UMCC a lot. I was planning to finish it after UMCH will become just as big.

  14. Hello everyone,

    I’m mostly playing UMCC/H so i don’t know all the characters that appear in ARIA.

  15. Will condoms in UMCH be supposed to collect cum or will it also serve as a means of contraception? Are you planning to add pregnancy to the game?

  16. What is your time zone, Vortex?

  17. To Vortex

    Who’s your favorite character that you’ve made?

    From Me

  18. Hey Vortex.

    I think there’s an issue with Patreon. It keeps deducting $20 from my card to you every time I edit the pledge. I’m afraid to even touch the edit button right now, but it appears under failed transactions in my details. Could we resolve this situation?

    • I would imagine it is working as intended.

      my patreon page is among a few that are testing a beta feature coming to all patreon accounts that want to use it called upfront charging. Which means if you subscribe to a tier, it charges you for that tier the moment you sign up for it, instead of waiting until the beginning of next month.

      also if you change tiers back down, the charge will remain for whatever the highest tier you did until next month. As you change tiers it is trying to charge again due to upfront charging system but recognizing that it doesn’t need to charge you again.

      personally for me this helps to solve a few problems I have of bot accounts mining patreon pages for content. it is why all of my stuff lately is off site. And it helps against those who will edit a pledge to the highest tier, DL all the stuff, then move back down before a charge is made. That is not fair to my higher tier patrons.

      • Wow. That’s a crazy exploit. I can’t believe they ever allowed that.
        It’s logical I guess, because I was aware of the issue with non-payment. But trading around tiers from bottom to top is like…

  19. Vortex, what languages do you speak?

  20. Could you plz help me find Umi 3D online?
    Do I have to register somewhere? Thx

  21. Curious question. Are you planning to add H-scenes which involve different characters like Complete Research in Dr.Natan’s room (or showering, beach and light forest)? Because one of the most enjoyable things I did in UMCC was bring every girl with me to the cafe. I understand that means you would need assets for all of them, which is why I was just wondering.

  22. supercaboose

    in aria in area 5 in the walkthrough it says there is a scene where jeo and tt surround another woman and a h scene is unlocked how do i earn that h scene. i am playing version 2.6 full whish i got after becoming a patreon donor

  23. no right and wrong way to have a fantasy. let people live dude.
    whatever you claim to understand, the fact remains that myself, and plenty of others are hetero, and is fine with remi.

  24. Longtime fan here! I actually just got a Gear VR for your videos a couple days ago. They look great! I would love more. There’s more VR content out there of course but nobody makes stuff like you do.

    • Oh, sorry, forgot my question!

      Is there any way, like a keyword, to find videos meant for VR?

      Kind of like 360, except I could do with 180, you know?

      Maybe it’s just “VR” but I thought I’d ask. Thanks again!

      Oh and also please for the love of god more VR stuff from you

  25. By the way, seems I’ve found Leyah’s IRL-sister:

    View post on

  26. Hey i getting a problem with patreon. in the payment appeers Something Went Wrong.

  27. Dragontiger01

    To Vortex00
    i like UMCC so i wanted to ask when you well release the next version of it my pation bar is already empty i cant wait anymore ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
    ( i feel like a child asking when my birthday presnt well come when it is not my birthday yet)

    • As I know, UMCC is already finished. Right now Vortex’s working on other projects. And the closest game to UMCC is UMCH.

      • Dragontiger01

        oups sorry i was gonna say UMCH

        • I can’t name the exact date, but the Patreon version of UMCH should be uploaded within this week. I don’t know about the public one, though.

          • Think its been around 5 months since the last public release, right?

          • Something like that.
            However, usual updates of the games come out every one or one and a half months and can be acquired via Patreon.

          • public will always take longer, but it’ll get there. It is impossible for me to know a date. Even me just casually estimating some date, or set a personal goal to release something, people will overreact and assume it was something I promised signed in blood and put my life on it.

            As Neferis mentioned it is at least monthly updated on patreon at some point during each month, usually within the first whole week of the new month. For this month that would be tomorrow. The benefit there is I release it wherever I’m at with it. and people understand it is unfinished. I can’t do that for public, even if the version is from the previous month. Not yet a least.

            the problem I have with public is people unfamiliar with the game don’t seem to comprehend what a “alpha” is. from what I can tell people are looking for a “beta” and it is not that yet. last alpha release most of responses I got were “it’s just a bunch of mini-games” even thoguh wrote in the game the story is not added yet. Also that cafe minigame is too hard. People on patreon understand that the game is unfinished. And though people here probably also realize this, me even just releasing the game here will spread to other places where people will assume the game is intended to be a collection of mini-games with the main one being too hard.

            So I am taking my time to post it when it is ready. I don’t want potential patreons to look at the game as assume it is something it is not. It doesn’t need to be finished but needs to be further along than it is currently. It needs to be at a point which I call the “core” game. which is the game with the main story scenes more or less finished.

            Also some people on patreon have issues completing some of the minigames. I’d rather a limited number of people tell me about a problem than people complaining about it across several forums and me running around trying to damage control.

  28. This Renji guy – he seems like a type who Jeni would possibly be able to love. What do you think about it, Chief?

    Private Messages. 🙂

    • suggest lines for it.

      will check PMs after I update content section.

      • Before I suggest any lines, here’s a screenshot which shows how Jeni rides Renji at the cafe:

        View post on

        The question is: is this scene supposed to be canonical?

        • No. she is not talking about him specifically she can say that about anyone. the guys sex experience/difficultly in the cafe are randomized each mini-game. Jeni could get that same dude again but this time might say he would easily cum.

          • I see.
            And the fact of Jeni having sex with Renji at cafe for his money – is it itself canonical or not?

          • Renji, Cory, Drake, etc. anyone of them could appear as the client. she could even be fucking Chester or Trey and she hates them both. Like wise they can appear for Maiko, Leyah or Pattie. So yes it is possible but not canonical in sense that is it special in anyway more so than any other bg character.

          • Got it.
            It’s important for me to understand if these two could possibly have sex before.

  29. Elijah R. Fulton

    How do I play the most recent Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc game and what version would it be

  30. I registered but I can not login. why the website?

  31. I registered but I can not log in to the website. sorry I write wrong before.

  32. SimothyBronut

    Hey Vortex. I’m a fan of your work, I enjoy the intricate storylines and characters designs and I’ve been pretty impressed with your latest artwork, especially relating to ARIA.
    Do you do this artwork yourself?
    Also, will this art be animated? Pinoytoons stuff was always in motion which was what I loved about ARIA. Will the same dynamic stuff be done for the new characters and scenes?

    • I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “this” art. which art? It could be mines but is most likely ttrops art. And whatever “this” was, maybe or may not be animated. if it is UMCH then yes, if it is agent trainer then not atm, and alt aria is a mix of both, rookie I plan to animate. I am also unsure of what you mean by new characters,

  33. Hello Vortex, this has probably already been asked, I do not own a credit card, yet i do wish to get the newest releases and of course support 5 dollars( Or whatever the equilavent of that is in euros) How can I do this? since Patreon isnt allowing me to do it without a credit card because its an adult project so to say

  34. my apologies i wasnt specific i meant for UMCH

  35. when will new version of UMCH come out??

  36. but when is that like what date?

  37. Spoiler alert! is the agent at the end of UMCH actually beatable at this point?

  38. I am rather confused by the storyline going on here. I’ve poked around to try and find something that explains what games go where, but have only really seen vague outlines. So far I have played the version of UMCC that is on Newgrounds, Umichan: Maiko, Umichan: Maiko v2, the slapping one, and Snowball Holiday. I briefly started ARIA and was totally lost story-wise, and now I am worried about playing around with the other games.

    I know I could just treat them like hentai games and ignore story, but it seems like you’ve got something good going here and I want to know how it all fits together.

    • take a look here at “the Story behind UMCH and ARIA” section at the bottom.

      Going out of town, Pill Results, and the lore behind UMCH and ARIA

      the part where I start posting links is basically the chronological order of stuff.

      starting at UMCC and going to ARIA will be confusing for number of reasons I would imagine.
      so I have a few notes that are important if you are trying to dive into the lore in it’s current state.

      one would be not understanding GemCo. They are some company who has monopoly on energy with shady executives. You pick this up in various places like Semitix and Daughter of Eve, and Amp side story, and from Amp and Goo dialogues in ARIA. and now you can see some of the the execs behavior in UMCH also. you will miss this is you haven’t played/read any of these.

      GemCo also has a academy where they train agents. you can think of it as a different school similar to the school in UMCC. but the GemCo school is little more military style since they also train agents for various combat situations and learn more stuff than at a normal school. This can most notably be seen in the visual novel The Rookie in the link i posted.

      Also I think most people might miss the fact the “Jeo” in ARIA is “Jinru” one of the students from UMCC the Maiko can interact with. Arielle mentioned it right at the start of ARIA but that is it so it i easy to miss.

      UMCC also is missing a key event that explains the connection to ARIA where Jeo gets framed. again it is mentioned in the opening dialogue of ARIA but players actually never see it in UMCC. it is in UMCH now however at the end, which is sort of a remake of UMCC.

      hope it helps but feel free to ask more questions.

      • Thank you for all the information. This definitely helps and I will begin going through things in the proper order. I’d kind of gathered that GemCo had something going on, but it is good to know that I am not supposed to know entirely what they are doing.

        Thank you again. Loving your games. Played Vandread Love Quest back in 2010 when it got released on newgrounds, and Umichan: Maiko at about the same time. It is crazy coming back and checking in to see how much you have done since then. Keep up the great work!

    • The overall story of Vortex’s games involves time travel, which is inherently confusing to a lot of people. The important thing to realize is that all of the games made by Vortex are in the same universe but not neccesarily in the same time line. Without giving too much away in terms of spoilers, bad things eventually happen to Maiko. In an effort to prevent this Annie and Sixx travel back in time and give her a hairpin in the hopes of stopping this. This creates the alternate timeline in which the events of UMCC/UMCH and ARIA take place. It’s bascally the plot of the show Quantum Leap. If you don’t know what Quantum Leap is, then you are way younger than me and you should go watch it on Netflix right now. It’s worth it and you’ll be a better person for it it. If you don’t know what alternate timelines are, then go watch Back to the Future 2. Dr. Emmet L. Brown explains it better than I ever could.

  39. Hey Vortex00, would you mind if I programmed an application to create custom characters for UMCC that were introduced in the 3rd update and leave a link here so that others can use it?

  40. Hey, I tried to register to this site, I filled out all the required areas, but when I went to my email to go to the activation link, there was no email for me to click on. I even pressed to resend the activation link, but nothing. My inbox is empty (Even checked spam) and still nothing. I need help.

  41. I know this is very much irrelevant to this video, but what is the status of the rest of your work? You haven’t really posted very much about whats going on in terms of the big picture. I understand you’re focusing a lot on your trainer game right now (I’ve been super busy and I just looked at it and it seems cool) and I guess “The Rookie” project died. Again, I might have missed something but you haven’t done a general update in quite a while.

    • right now I am working on savor the moment stuff for UMCH. I turned off the trainer game so i can focus on it. the rookie day 2 script is done, the needed character art is done, but animations are not. however that game overall has very low priority.

  42. Hiya. I’ve been playing through the games in the storyline order you linked to me a little while back on:

    Going out of town, Pill Results, and the lore behind UMCH and ARIA

    It is really great stuff. I have been enjoying it immensely. I really like the world and story you have going and the H scenes are good as well. Currently I have a question regarding two of the games.
    1. Has the top-down shooter Advance Rogue Intelligence Operation been made yet? I see the link you provided there just goes to ARIA rather than a separate game.
    2. Is JLCK: Gheist Prologue or a playthrough video along the lines of what you have for Ralamar crystal hunter around anywhere? I assume not considering you mention it wasn’t available as of the time that post was made, just making sure you haven’t released it in the meantime. For some reason I find it a bit difficult to follow the updates on this site and keep missing things.I assume Ralamar Elemental Guardians is in the same situation as the Gheist Prologue.

    Thank you in advance. Loving the games so far and want to make sure I am not missing any of them.

  43. I have the screen shots but they dont work in the game what do I do to make them work?

  44. Hello, I am wondering if you have any need for female adult voice actresses for any of your projects? If so, I would invite you to contact me at and we can discuss your needs. I do NSFW voiceovers quite often for animation and SFM community, and just happened across your Patreon page, so I thought I would reach out. (I don’t frequent this site, so I probably won’t see a reply here, best to just email me directly.) Thanks!

  45. Hello Vortex! First of all I really love your work! The animations, dialogues, musics, scenarios… everything is great! <3 Tho I was just wondering something, There are less options than in the other UMCH game, or is it just me that is missing some files? I mean by that that we can't walk through somewhere with a friend, nor that we can invite them at home or even chat with them and ask them the questions like we could before (video games, books, hentai, sports, etc.) Is it normal? Or at least for now maybe?
    Thank you in advance and keep going with your awesome job! <3

    • Thanks for question. in terms of amount of things in a side by side comparison, yes UMCC has more because I worked on it longer. UMCH is a much newer game that does not yet have the same time investment.

      The items you described were intentionally not added to UMCH for various reasons. in general, UMCC was a bit too much of a sandbox where the focus dissolved into “I wonder what happens if I do this random thing” instead of “I wonder what happens next in the story” if that makes any sense.

      But specifically, the question wheel is not added because the goal is that you will learn relevant things about the character through their dialogue and quest scenes in UMCH. Maiko already knows everyone at the school so it doesn’t really seem appropriate for her to be asking them random question like in UMCC.

      The characters don’t follow Maiko because they have their own activities they are engaged in. Pattie has the most time to follow Maiko and it is reflected in UMCH at various areas of the game where Pattie is present.

      also canon Maiko doesn’t really have a desire to invite several people back to her house for sex. This was a significant lore breaking thing in UMCC that was only added by request, but it got a bit out of control to the point where I really started regretting ever adding it in.

  46. Is it possible to have the motion data from the mmd dances
    Bout’ It
    It makes me ill
    Cookie Jar

  47. Ok, thanks for the answer.If you choose by the way to edit them,because they are a hell of a sexy dances please do!
    Also,do you make coreographies by your self too?If yes, would you consider making the Dead or Alive exreme 3 dances for mmd?

    and adding this little bit in the sequence too


  48. Hi, I downloaded Umiko: Classroom Cheaters the offline versions update 3, and I can’t use it. I don’t know why that happens. Do you know that happens?

    Thank you.

  49. Hello. I would like to ask you about something, I read that if fans had ideas to add to the story (Specifically ARIA) that you’d be willing to listen to such ideas? If so, I wanted to run these two ideas by you and see what you think of them. If you’d be willing to spare a moment then great, if not, then no harm done. Thank you and have a wonderful evening.

  50. Can you add the ejaculation scenes to the custom scene editor?

  51. Chris is gay in UMCH? Or why he have appearance effeminate?

    (I hope not to offend anyone with the question)

  52. could you resend umch please as I cant download old one thanks

  53. Do you have any plans for an UMCH scene maker like the Aria maker?

  54. downloaded umichan but it does not have a start button how do i get it? yhanks

  55. just get a pink page but thanks

  56. internet explorer I unzipped them windows ten is my operating system sadly got a new computer

    • I have windows 10 on my laptop i can see what’s up with it today. i can also recommend using the included flash player for windows. and opening the umch3.swf from the flash player.

  57. Is it possible to input different swfs as backgrounds to the Aria maker? I remember you putting a tutorial for how to do that with UMCH scenes but I can’t find that right now.

    • yeah it’s possible. I actually used aria as the example with a UMCH animation. it is in art of deception thread

      [video src="" /]
      [video src="" /]

  58. Hi vortex was just wondering if there was going to be a public release for ARIO?

  59. I know it’s a long task to ask, but any chance there could be retagging of posts? Specifically, I check back here only a few times a month, and really like the different wallpapers, I think they’re just awesomely done. Buuut, looking through ‘2D Art’ it’s page after page of test limbs and partial artwork which is good as it comes across the feed, but not conducive to actually browsing the artwork of the characters.

    Just trying to start a thought, maybe. Slightly more detailed or even just MORE tags could help people like me browse your content, and I don’t know how much or at all you go back through it, but it’s a thought.

  60. Just a quick question.
    Is interracial an idea for UMCH?

    • it’s the first sex scene in UMCH.
      tried this more heavily back in UMCC and got stuck in limbo. I found that it doubled, tripled, etc the work of anything based on number of skin shades added. So for the most part when it comes of UMCH I just stick what I refer to as default anime color for now.

  61. I’m having trouble getting the afluent quest started in umch.16, the guide just says to go to mall. Is there a step I’m missing?

  62. tell me please how you learned to draw?

    • mostly self taught. just look at something and google different ways how to do it heh. then practice at it until you get find a way that works for you, and the result is something you like. I took 2 art classes in high school but was doodling and stuff way before then. the classes helped be draw more realistic stuff like faces, objects, and animals, etc. and once you can draw stuff realistically i help you draw anime’ish stuff a little better because you notice issues with facial construction and anatomy, etc.

  63. Hey great work on ARIA, I mean literally I love playing it and like all good things want more and more.

    My question is have you ever thought about done a breeding or brothel based game upon your universe?. Perhaps a space station that you could turn into a brothel and have an influence how various events play out like assisting various organisations etc etc. Curious because so many brothel/breeding based games fail due to lack of creativity or simply development issues. Your work is impressive and sure you universe could fit something like this with ease.

    • many thanks glad you like it. As for the game idea, yes the lore supports it, but I doubt I could do it with ease, or even at all, for various reasons I can detail if you want. You mention so many fail for various reasons, so if there is failed one out there you know about where I could acquire the source I could see what I can do from there.

      • There was actually a super successful (initially) one that recently just failed because of a partnership struggle and the artists no longer thinking the project was viable or plausible. Their Patreon was getting an absurd amount of money per month to work on it. I think that might be the one hes referring to, Breeding Seasons or something like that?

        One of the original people bought the other guys out and is trying to recreate something similar now. Its called [Something] Meadows. Cant remember the full title. I may be off in the numbers but I thought I read they had over a million dollars in funding, and still failed. It was all over the internet because of how controversial it was.

        The other ones that come to mind are Strumpets, like ive brought up before and theres a newer one thats called Brothel City thats like an actual base building game with H-oriented buildings, units, art, ect.

        • I am aware of breeding seasons and I think it is called cloud meadows for the other one.
          as for me, long story short, I’m not in a position to work on this kind of game. Presently, I would definitely have “development issues” as Andrew mentioned heh. It is something to think about for later.

          • Yeah breeding season is what I was referring to on the breeding side and sim bro is a decent brothel base, definitely would consider it for the future though as it is obviously demanding but financially can be rewarding and to be honest sure you would acquire way more paetron wise. Back on topic though your universe could seriously milk that genre. As far as development issues go, the increase in finance would surely secure you someone familiar with that area. Either way dude your awesome keep up the good work 🙂

          • I’m not convinced it would be financially rewarding tbh, for various reasons including but not limited to, me likely not having all kinds of different fetishes in my work, having a serious concern about story cohesion, and my preference to stick to human looking characters. But as I said it could be something interesting later as I create and get proficient at making user interactive games. Could be cool to have sex scenes with people create character and what not. But I am not there yet. Agent trainer and a few other games I am working on is laying the ground work for me to make stuff like that later.

          • As much as I am all for diversifying the genre and ARIA universe, I think I am leaning more on Vortex’s side for this particular topic. I like the idea of a brothel based ARIA game, like a space station or something in an ‘experimental’ setting like GemCo and Goo, but I dont think I would be very fond of something along the lines of Breeding Seasons. It just doesnt fit the universe in my opinion.

            That being said and not even considering the work load it would require, theres only so much one person can do, and when you tack more and more people onto a project you have more and more personalities colliding which can create a separation of ideals. This is what ultimately lead that game to fail.

  64. Are your UMCH MMD models available for download?

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    My name is Ryan and I am a freelancer who works in Media Top – online media agency.

    I’ve reviewed your website and I would like to offer you a fixed payment for writing and posting an article for us on your site You should write the article in the spirit of your website and relevant to its content and to link from it to our client. We believe that this is the best way because you know your readers the most.

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  66. Hello Vortex, I am Chris form Force Thirteen, who is the girl named Zytra? Can you give me MMD model DL of her please?

  67. remembermethistime

    Where can I find the music used during the sex scenes for Aria?

  68. Hello, what is the full name for Zytra?

  69. Brothel based game (cough) (cough). lol

    Curious is Aria now complete?. If so will we see a similar or a sequel in the same style?.

    • If by same style you mean a game mechanic of a strategy game, and some kind of character management, and lots of sex scenes in the game then yes. if you mean art style, pinoytoons is working on other stuff and has plans for stuff after that so it is not likely because it is not something that was discussed.

  70. Hello, do you have any youtube channel and what is your title for your youtube channel?

  71. Do you do commission work for base models to use with MMD? I don’t mean your private models btw.

  72. I got a Problem in umch18. Maiko keeps saying her hair is a mess, so i cant work on the cafè. Can anyone tell me why, or what can i do to fix her hair? Thanks

  73. @IceBubble Maiko’s hair normally appears on top of the screen. If it is unkempt, all you need to do is click the top, and the hair gets itself done. If the hair doesn’t appear, use the phone’s “settings” option. There you can use the “hair visible” button to show her hair. You also have an option for Maiko to auto-fix her hair, but i don’t use it.

  74. Just curious as to how long did it take you to have a sustainable income from your adult games. How long have you had sustainable income. Is Patreon your only income source? Any recommendations to a beginner starting off?

    If you have time feel free to explain in detail, give some pros and cons to your work ^.^

    • I don’t think I’m right person to ask because I have been making hentai stuff well before patreon existed. So when it did exist, I wasn’t starting from something brand new.
      had sustainable income early in 2016. as for advice starting off, I don’t have much to say for just general stuff. I’m better at perhaps identifying specific problems after you have already started. I’d just say to do what you enjoying doing, and not give up on it. I’ve seen patreons not really grow well for long time then suddenly explode. also it good to realize that not everyone will like whatever it is you want to do. What one person likes is exactly what another won’t like.

      • Well said. Especially the adult industry, there are a lot of preferences out there. To please everyone would be to please no one. I’d imagine creating content is fun but must be time consuming. Yeah I figured you had a head start, newgrounds has been around for awhile. Adult games seem like a good option when you think of all the indies elsewhere. I feel that adult games has had little maturity, that a lot of content isnt kept to a certain quality. I know I can make quality games, but to spend a lot of time with the assets animations, seems a bit daunting to me. I’m glad your achieving your goals. Hopefully your career continues to make you happy.

        Best of luck!

  75. Sor Igor Mormont

    What’s the item at the nurse that cost 7000?

  76. Hi, new patreon donator, just a quick question. How long does it take to get account activation email? I registered to access the game content, but didn’t get email. I already had it try to resend it several time and checked my spam box as well.

    • I’m actually working on that issue right now actually. i manually approved some users that are currently in pending status you might just try to log in with what ever username you used.

  77. Hello Vortex00,

    I was wondering if you would accept to give me some technical info/help regarding animations.

    To be honest I was inspired by your work, and I’m currently getting back into graphic art. By that I mean ero-content. I am at the moment training my drawing skills by creating characters and scenes, based on your method of doing things (photoshop + moho, because I love the result you get)

    Here’s my question: What are your image size settings (dimension, dpi, etc) on photoshop? so that it’s easily imported to an animation software and so that scenes to become too big in size. Maybe you could show me a screenshot of your default settings? (am I pushing it?)

    I hope you don’t mind me bothering you with that sort of question, also I hope I managed to make myself understandable x)


    • Thanks and sorry I have your PM I am just behind in replying. For animations, size of art depends on the game resolution size. Photoshop/SAI art is almost always twice the size of the game resolution, at 72 dpi. Then the final result is shrunk back down to half size to to get the game resolution size.

      Animation software settings are same size and fps as the game. for easily importing image parts to animate and exporting the animation at the correct fps.
      UMCH is 1280×960 at 30 fps. but Maiko’s view is only 1280×720.

  78. Great thanks for your reply 🙂
    sry didn’t mean to insist, wasn’t sure if you read your PMs

  79. Sorry for the question but… When do you think UMCH will be complete ?

    • Aside from music, UMCH has everything I originally planned to add to it already. and I will have move it to a beta mode after I add music. and clean up bugs and spelling errors etc. when all that is good to go it’ll be done.

      But it doesn’t necessarily mean i will abandon it. usually it boils down to when I will stop adding extra stuff to it. Everything can’t be in UMCH for story reasons. Some stuff only really works in other games, and that is what i am trying to do atm.

  80. i m trying to pledge 5$ to you but it keeps declineing it even though it has enough money on it any idea y btw i try every thing else to

  81. hello ! is there any completed game? i really enjoy ARIA and Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc but they where not complete. would love to know!

  82. hi ~ i really like your videos ! could you please build more vr style , thank you so much !

  83. Vortex, when i downloaded the 2.7 zip i didnt get the codes on how to unlock gallery. Well, i did some reasearch and i found one but that code just gives max stats.

  84. Its me again, i finished the game but i didnt unlock gallery mode, i entered the password but the gallery mode is not there, did you build one??

  85. So i found your videos on the MMD Dancing and hoenstly fell in love. Im currently learning how to make my own 3D models and was wondering how do you create the eyes for your characters, if you dont mind sharing.

    • Glad you like them. I only editing the faces not made from scratch. But if you want to model a face from scratch you need to make the eyes cave inward. I found a video that would be better than me trying to explain it.

      after the face is made, you need to learn how to make morphs in mmd.

  86. Hello, I would like to inquire which Patreon nets access to animations/movies? And is the access permanent? Also, would like to ask if the animations/movies have voices during sex?

    • That would be the Horny! tier and access is monthly, however you get immediate access to everything there from years ago. Animation do not have voices.

  87. Hey Vortex,
    love your games. I wanted to ask if you need a composer for any current or future projects.
    You can listen to my audio demo reel at:
    If you’re interested and want to know more, shoot me an email.
    Thanks for your consideration and good luck with your games.

  88. rascalvandamme

    vortex-san can you give me tutorial how to make booty physic also thight physic like yours
    i would appreciate it if you can teach me those cause i search all over the web and its only tell me how to make boobs physic…

  89. Any chance of seeing more futa?

  90. are u going to do any easter specials for any of your games?

  91. Hey Vortex, I’ve been a fan of yours for a couple of years now, and this bugs me:
    How long have you been making these games for?

    • about 8 or 9 years. So some stuff you see here will seem very dated. and that’s because it is heh. But when you are the only person working on a game and at the time, having a fulltime job. it’s going to take a while to make stuff.

  92. letslovekillme

    Yop, is there a way to find patch notes for UMCH. I see 2.0 but no patch note I don’t understand

  93. Project Updates

    Has number 7 here been scrapped?

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