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Images drawn with cg software

Halloween 2016 wallpaper

ttrop made some cool Halloween theme art of Zytra based on a mmd outfit I made for this years Halloween theme for…

Daughter of Eve remade image previews

I think I have enough art minus one character to make a small VN that captures the main events of Daughter of…

Semitix novel to VN

ttrop is done with art for a lot of stuff so while I catch up on stuff ttrop is working on art…

Agent trainer face edits

Haven’t got things done a quickly as I would like because I decided to work with ttrop to editing the faces for…

Pattie Pussy Pounding animation by Alukard

Link to view: @alukard recently made a fan animation of Pattie from Umichan series stuff. check it out and leave feedback…

New game preview

New game preview Hey guys, its jccq89 here and I have some exciting news to start this month! Vortex00 left me in…

Leyah Pics :3

more mmd pics of leyah: the two images below are from @neferis

Tiffany GemCo sensory goggles

Wanted to make Tiffany’s goggles reflect her position as a scientist. They came out pretty good imo

no image

UMCH preview animations

post a few gifs of some of the animations in the upcoming UMCH hentai game. The gifs might be playing too fast…

Maiko X Greel animation wip video

I think so far UMCH has 17 different animations and counting. all with 2 to 3 different variations each I wont show…

no image

ARIA AI robot results

original pic of the robot without Goo section.

no image

Winter 2015 theme

I asked ttrop to make a pic of Maiko based on the based on a collab I did with Eriot in 2013….

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