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Tattoo for Vux? feedback requested!

Vux who will appear as in upcoming ARIA Agent Trainer game, begins as rebellious, Rebellious, Nympho and Vulgar among other things. I…

ARIA Agent Trainer game ideas

Been working with ttrop on a new smaller scale game. It’s going to be a trainer type game. Since I have never…


This is not a hentai game. This is a small battle card game I made for fun based on ARIA. I was…

Alt ARIA TT animation creation process

more wip videos:

Alt ARIA Bri animation creation process

more wip videos:

Alt ARIA Phia animation creation process

more wip videos:

ARIA CCG preview pics 2

this game will hopefully be ready today. it not perfect but not meant to be, was just something I did for fun.

ARIA CCG preview pics

found a cool little ccg kit for unity so I made a aria theme card game from it. might make a umichan…

Rinoga and Phil

In later events of the ARIA The Rookie (or maybe some other game idk tbh), “you” will come across Phil and Rinoga….

Project Updates

Decided to make a post about all the various things going on the past month that people may or may not realize….

ARIA: The Rookie VN coming soon

Just finished up a quick VN that I am calling ARIA: The Rookie. it just uses mostly recycled art. some of the…

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