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ARIA Logo Design

Still working on the 3D Arielle game, and figured it was time I got a cool looking logo for ARIA upcoming titles….

Umichan Logo Design

I’ve been working with ttrop on a new logo for Umichan. I’ve had a few in the past but wanted to make…

The UMCH Sequel… part 1?

As I work on the UMCH Sequel I am quickly starting to realize that even the the smaller vision I had for…

UMCH updates and reimagining Nanako.

This is a post I’ve been needing to write for a while, and this is attempt 2 at writing it since I…

Joey’s sister Violet

It kind of started off as a joke from ttrop, but we actually made a older sister for Joey named Voilet. She…

3D Arielle game project update 8 and trailer

DL Windows:!FNg2VYJR!WWd7DoMEyE1Yz79h4Fuk8TLF-WyeaHXRpE3c9NkTvHA This game is still early alpha and doesn’t have a smooth way to exit the game. So please play…

ARIA Project: Maiko

Realistic rendition of Maiko for use in future ARIA content. Obviously going for an older look here. I planning on having her…

The Rookie on Newgrounds!

Please go help vote on it!

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