SVPG: Work From Home

for more:


I liked this shirt. fun fact: she is really wearing it backwards lol. for more:

Stuff for this week

SVP got some svpg stuff coming later in the week. ARIA: I loaded up tyranobuilder, which is a VN maker, that I…

Savori animation wip

the frame for this I’ll probably need to make the frame bigger for this animation. But yeah just a quick wip video.

Maiko related Thoughts and Analysis forum topics.

make a few topics I had been meaning to make a while back that I had been wondering about, if you have…

Luma animation wip

about halfway though I forgot to switch back to fullscreen ><

ARIA updates

I am currently in the process of updating ARIA a bit since the last patreon version. Pinoytoons sent the sleeping pics and…

Eat fresh! (Holly Animation wip)

Over the weekend I worked on several animations and recorded most of them so I will showing those this week while trying…

UMCH UI, medals, and unlocks

Made a few new screens from stuff I have been working on for UMCH. which has been mostly UI, medals, and unlocks….

Optional lore in prep for UMCH story scenes.

I have had all the dialogue scenes for UMCH thought out for a while now and yesterday I actually started typing out…

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