January 3, 2024

17 thoughts on “Umichan Boxer wip stuff

  1. It’s a good idea.But online game also wast much more Server resources.This is very troublesome.Only Feedback RANKdata maybe good? Also cheat is no good. (Sorry my Engilsh not good)

    1. thanks for taking time to reply. once I adjust the way the game communicates with the sever everything should be ok.

  2. Holy Guacamole, you are on fire! ^^
    Love the idea, the boxing minigame could have some modifications though, maybe feints or more types of punches, to be more than massing the quick punch everytime the opponent drops his guard.
    In any case, looking foward to it 😉

    1. these girl probably wont have enough stamina to do that. at least not for a while. Plus I’m not sure the combat will be entirely the same. Still thinking about how I wanted to do it. I like have some skill involved but I also like making different builds and seeing how well it works.

      1. You can use a game system like the classic Nes punch out: Enemy punch from right or left (hooks) and you can dodge right to avoid the left blow, or left to avoid the right blow (in the correct time). Plus the moves can be done upward (uppercut), adding a backward dodge. You hit it in the same way.
        That will need a more complex code, but can be done with a “hold and drag” mouse cursor movement, similar of the cut effect of fruit ninja app.
        Just a ideia. I´m a great fan of your work, by the way. You are really awesome.

  3. Now that is an idea! As for extra and cheats you would do the old earning it of beating a record or some challenge in order to unlock cheats. Think the N64 game Goldeneye 007.

    1. yeah some stuff you will not be able to buy. you will need to beat a specific npc to get. but i will try to have more than one way to do mostly everything in the here.

  4. I definitely like the idea of getting fans as a goal and that Kyle gets to help too. Is he the only source of help you can get? Cause an event at the sex club could be another fun way to get fans.

    1. Yeah I was thinking it was just Kyle. I didn’t plan on sex club stuff. probably easier to revisit after actually playing the game and seeing what I did.

      1. I hear that, wouldn’t make sense to start addtional features when the base game isn’t finished yet.

  5. This concept look like more interesting than the agent trainer game. Hope you add this in the single player game as well. I’m not a huge fan of browser games.

  6. So down with this if I can beat everyone. All the dudes, all the ladies, final boss is Maiko. Especially if you round out the gameplay so you don’t just grind stats by practicing boxing and swimming like in UMCH.

    1. I’m glad you are interested~ how would you suggest a person build up stats in a game like this? round out the gameplay is unclear to me.

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