January 3, 2024

5 thoughts on “Agent Trainer updates

  1. No stage hazard… well it is a finish build. It would be nice to have a wall to take cover, over time to much damage that wall breaks. Like the NES game Cabal.


    For a old 8-bit NES game I was always impress that they where able to do stage hazard and the limit controls. To fit all that into a NES. Keep in mind the NES only had the D-Pad, select, start, B and A Buttons. Compare to it’s dad the Arcade that usually had the stick with 3 up to 4 buttons. Such a amazing feet for a limit hardware. Which today we take for granted.

  2. still racking my brain over this. I think I am about half way done.

    obviously I can make a normal offline game, but one with a bit of user interaction is a bit more complex and I am tripping up a bit on some of the communication stuff between the game and the server. It’s working but not the way I want. moving forward regardless.

    1. should be almost ready for a test but don’t quote me on it.. I’m working on things that connect to the the game. like leader boards etc.
      trying to teach myself how to make widgets atm. there are few other things I need to on the server also.

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