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MMD: Me!Me!Me!

  did a quick motion, this motions is making it’s rounds around the internet. A you can see Pattie is updated. still…

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more UMCH dialogue examples

this is one of the images I’m planning to use for the Student Counsel List quest. as you can see, about 5…

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UMCH dialogue examples and updates

Today I was working on the graphics for some of the UMCH dialogue written so far. Basically I came up with a…

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UMCH: cafe progression test

this is a demo of the cafe minigame starting at lvl 1. you can’t just click what level you want now. It…

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UMCH cafe friends

daily updates? lol got the other characters done good enough I guess. Those poses is what I plan to use in the…

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UMCH cafe example scenes

I have three backgrounds that I will use for the cafe stuff. I might try to find or make more if I…

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Maiko and Luma comparison 2

need the fix the lower part of Luma’s legs, but other then that, it should be good to go for later stuff….

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Maiko cafe uniform

was about to make something black and white as usual. but decided to go with some color. It is not rigged perfectly…

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UMCH working in the cafe minigame

This is a screen for the normal working mini game in the cafe. Unlike in umcc it is not just a button…

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UMCH test dialogue

umch update to Maiko graphics: After a bit of frustration I figured out how to make the masking idea suggested to me…

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UMCH test dialogue scenes

I made some test scenes for UMCH along the lines of kinda what I had in mind. Was pretty interesting to do…

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some small updates

I didn’t get a chance to do much last weekend on the game. What I did manage to do is remake the…

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