January 3, 2024

4 thoughts on “UMCH cafe example scenes

  1. I like how the suit T shirt fits Pattie however for Maiko it barely fits her. LOL

    And David is looking at Patties underwear. LOL

    You always had the conversation in POV. Unless you mean Maiko will be looking at the person she is talking to. Than switch and look to the other person she is talking to on screen.

    Now scenes in 3rd person View can work for story plots too. IT’s really up to you how you want to tell the scene of the game.

    1. yeah it have always been pov as you mentioned. no reason to change it. I think stuff like the first pic with Maiko and Pattie can be used when you lvl up the cafe or something, at the beginning and ends of quests, loading screens of needed, etc.

      1. Well those scene of animation can still happen. But with out Maiko being in more like in POV of Maiko. Just remove Maiko that is in the back ground that you have on Maiko. Put back her front her to look more POV. And you have Maiko behind Kyle looking at Pattie.

        1. yeah I’ll probably wind up doing that. I need to see if I can finish the mint game today. and get Jeni and Leyah done. I think I might include Stacey also. I might change/improve Pattie’s hair a bit also.

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