January 3, 2024

15 thoughts on “Maiko and Luma comparison 2

  1. Well she is stack and rack alright. LOL

    Yeah Luma have a lot of ass than Maiko. I take it when she puts on a bra and the school uniform her breast will be push up. Since this is what most females do. Use push up bras or the wrong size of bras. End up pushing there breast up.

    Well you said she was going to be more thicker than Maiko and you did it.

    1. Luma is a bit exaggerated size, but it’ll probably stay like that heh. Already had to re-rig the boobs. Luma looks pretty good with leg jiggle, didn’t have time to make a video. there are some bending issues around the knee I need to try to see if i can fix. basically the legs are not finished. Should be able to make the Semitix properly now also since I have the feet now. I might make the hair shorter though then I had it previously. I think Wave’s hair only went down to her hips or waist. something like that.

      1. Wave hair was down to her waist barely. I played the DoE of Blender engine. Here you can see how far it goes to Wave Back.

          1. No Problem, by the way you came a long way from making 3D models. Just playing this Blender seen Tempo and Wave vs the MMD you have now. Man your new 3D Model makes the old Blender look like a child making a 3D model out of Clay.

            Sometimes is good to look back to see how much you improve. Man your 3D of today shits on this old 3D.

          2. I could have had better models but that blender engine at the time was super laggy with higher resolution models. I don’t know what I was doing wrong because I saw whole games that looked a lot better than this one little arena level I made. it still would have been pretty crappy lol. but as crappy. it will be interesting when I get around to doing a game or two in unity again. I have a way to use the mmd models, but I wanted to use the animations also. but I think instead I will need to just use mecanim, rigify, mixamo or something like that. all the tutorial are rough 45 min long and I probably need to watch 3-4 or them then try it out myself etc. after all that is sorted out, making the game is not too hard though. even with no knowledge of making games in unity, I made that crystal horror game in about a week.

  2. don’t you think it’s kinda too big even for luma ? i mean mate look at those huge knockers it must weight at least 10 pounds LOL poor luma

    1. This version of both Luma and Maiko are exaggerated hyper sexualized versions of them just for the purposes of mmd videos currently. Though they are pretty big anyways XD
      Just think of it like those hentai images of characters where their boobs aren’t that big in the actual anime.

    1. Thanks, keep in mind these are extreme versions of their bodies. But where the emphasis are is accurate, just not as much emphasis. if that makes any sense heh.

  3. Wow, Luma has really big boobs, i like big but thats too much too me, lol.
    I think Maiko’s or smaller are my way to go, heh. I can really see a difference here.

    1. Yeah some here like super big boobs, some don’t. I still remember the one person wanting a size larger then the jumbo size for the custom character thing in umcc.
      I don’t have issues making it, which is important for me at least. So far the videos I made with this model were pretty good I think. It is probably a acquired taste.

      1. true. The jumbo description is funny now that i think, its like something you could order with sausages, lol

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