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HS testing out recordings

more testing. kinda crappy but figured I might as well post it. on all three of these I forgot to turn up…

Honey Select Zytra

which one is better? left/right? And I mean the head of course. http://www.strawpoll.me/12234460 was trying to get Zytra finalized for the most…

Honey Select Maiko and Zytra

wanted to try making some videos with honey select but needed to make some of the characters first still working on them….

MMD: Sting

  mirror: http://ecchi.iwara.tv/videos/bqvebivy6tgqgkpy

MMD: Haunted

mirror: http://ecchi.iwara.tv/videos/b2n5bi4zziyl65nz

MMD: Cant’ feel my face v2

old video with updated model. Working on Zytra model and working on editing the face a little bit to look closer to…

MMD: Dip It Low

Zytra from UMCH

MMD: Zytra 3D hentai animation

A small 3D hentai animation featuring Zytra. The dude just a random guy for the animation but it could easily be Greel…

MMD: New Videos

since I made 4 videos at once, I opted to upload them on iwara.tv for now so it won’t slow down the…

MMD: Easter 2016

just showing what the Easter bunny is really representing lol. There is no audio Mirror: http://ecchi.iwara.tv/node/41740

MMD: New Thang (reupload)

30 fps. still not great a can see where a few frames are missed.

MMD: New Thang

mirror: http://trollvids.com/video/5350202/MMD-New-Thang

MMD: Santa Yuri

kind of a bigger video than usual so you might need to use the mirror. mirror: http://trollvids.com/video/5350011/MMD-Santa-Yuri

MMD: Straight Up and Body Ache

mirror: http://trollvids.com/video/5349974/MMD-Straight-Up-Motion-DL http://trollvids.com/video/5349973/MMD-BodyAche

Umichan Randomness 2

was going to have more but maybe next time. The important thing was that I got a lot of characters redone. Not…

MMD: Donut Hole

been thinking about making Zytra, Leyah, and Dizzy descendants of the mages from super early on in the story. But they don’t…

MMD: Fitness Room

Not perfect but it is what it is, I need to get back to doing other stuff and rendering takes forever. yes…

MMD: Shoujo Misui (Halloween)

Been pretty busy with various stuff but I decided to do a last minute Halloween video. To those who celebrate it~ Happy…

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