January 3, 2024

14 thoughts on “MMD: Donut Hole

  1. Starting with the video, it looks INCREDIBLE!!! Absolutely amazing! For the story ideas, it sounds really cool! You’d probably have to explain the relationship between magic and Khalei if there is one. Khalei does have some magic-like properties to it. What sort of things would they be seeing? Would Gheist be a mage descendent too? And… who’s Ginger again? I “played” DoE and I don’t remember a Ginger character. What scene is she in? I’m better with faces.

    1. Thanks glad you liked the video. Ginger appeared in a old version of DoE that predates the one uploaded here. I will modify it a bit and upload it later or make a info page about her. You would not be familiar with that character yet.

      yeah I’ll have to make a new post about khalei somewhere. There all kinds of Khalei so far but that is because it makes up the entire word and even other worlds and seen in ARIA.

      Zytra Leyah and Dizzy would be seeing things like the Magical Kitty, Annie at times, various oddities from Dizzy’s huge imagination exactly as she describes them, and due to the Cia in Maiko, she appears to have a feint glow at when she is motivated. also they would see anything from the white world. One of these three girls probably have to be the one to finally remove Riley’s nightmare clone thing.

      Not sure about Gheist. She would more likely be a creation of the imagination also. I need to look back and see what I wrote in semitix first thoguh before I could answer that one.

  2. The effect is grey but it match the building in the BG. The water effect drip at the front screen of the video is a nice effect. Everything shatter at the very end is the best part of this video. And her vanishing is nice. That explain how those three are doing things without a crystal. Because it is mysticism is what there doing. Not energy to do with nature. So the others don’t see what those 3 see.

    1. Yeah their stuff is actually magic. no Khalei, though there are a few Khalei mages around like Samantha, or at least samantha did the same ritual they do accidentally heh.

      magic is something most character’s in the game don’t even believe in. least of all GemCo execs. But I thought it would be interesting to have these 3 have feint traces of magic. Some GemoCo people like Belohra know about it since she was around during that time period. but Zytra and Leyah have such low levels is undetectable. also Belohra is not even around yet during Umichan stuff. I had a timeline I created earlier that I need to post.

      It also gives Zytra deeper reason to check up on Leyah from time to time. Aside from sisterly love, she is making sure Leyah didn’t accidentally create something else at the cafe or the school that people can’t see normally. She already created the magical kitty. And she is not sure how Annie showed up. I don’t even think Annie knows Zytra can see her. It is because Zytra is a good actor singer, performer, etc.

    1. None of my characters both in 2D and 3D are bound within the scope of realism.
      In the case of boobs it is intentionally very unrealistic.

  3. That video was awesome and that song is ridiculously catchy.
    Part of what makes your characters so good is their deep backstories and connection to overall lore. This would definitely give Zytra, Leyah, and Dizzy some real history and exciting stories for the future.
    Keep it up!

  4. At first I was like “Oh no, Zytra is out in the rain getting all wet”: then I was like “Oh yes, Zytra is getting all wet”.

    Oh yeah, and nice effects also 🙂

  5. I check your site pretty often for interesting stuff, and these MMD videos definitely qualify. I’ve got to ask however, how do they relate to your other work? Are you using them for animation practice? Just for fun? I am just curious to know why you make them is all 🙂

    1. at times I will need to context switch, or take a break and work on something else. during this time I will make MMD video(s) or potentially some other smaller thing that can be finished in a relatively small amount of time.

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