MMD: Lamb

I remember jccq showing me a list of mmd videos that Eriot recommended me to watch after seeing on of my own videos. There was one video that was said to be in my style. And I thought “okay…I guess this is a understandable assessment.” Needless to say it was a slightly edited model with big boobs doing a dance that yes, I can say I might have picked to do eventually at some point. and I can see how anyone could make the comparison of that video to one or more of my videos, however in reality I felt it didn’t really match my style as how I know it to be.

The problem with it was two things. First it was missing any kind of creativity outside of the normal mmd pervy videos you would see anywhere. The model had the default outfit that came with the model. No effort went into changing the textures or clothing at all (aside from removing it). And I know because I have other model by that same creator. Also the environment the model was in was very unrelated to the music and/or the over all energy of the music.

And second, while I do make videos like that, I would not want anyone to assume this is my actual style. I would make videos like that if I am not putting too much effort into it. This video defines what I would call my style. Which consists of my actual effort. Thing such as creativity in using effects, attention to color hues, accenting colors, music cues, camera angles, overall theme, look, and feel of the video, and few motion tweaks.

And if I described to you other videos that I would also call my style, you would probably see a great use of black color. It is my favorite color for many reasons. This can been seen in the aria a girls got to go video, lil freak v2, and the hybrid video especially. So this go down as the type of video that is my style and not the normal ones where I’m not really putting much effort int it.

I still like to make everything I make. If I didn’t I would continue to make it. I just want anyone watching to be able to recognize in the same way that I do what my style is, versus just a pervy sexy video. I want to get more video like this uploaded to balance everything out.

Thoughts on Maiko’s outfit in this video? In my previous video, I mentioned introducing a gothic Maiko, but this seems more closer to a moulin rouge style Maiko. Her eye makeup is kind of on wrong, but I left it that way because Maiko would not know the first thing about putting on makeup anyways lol. I also have a song in mind of Greel, Zytra and Maiko coming up. that will probably be the last serious one for a while.