January 2, 2024

18 thoughts on “UMCC Pleasure Service

  1. You turn this into a mini, It have 10 hearts you extended the points. OK now I’m interested what from a flash you’ll take out to turn to a mini arcade.

  2. Does this game have hidden futa? The post picture makes it look like it has xD
    Seems like a girl and well, all Maiko does is stroking on this mini, hehe.

    1. @jccq89
      Well you read what he said, he plans to put every mini into a high score arcade mini. But key Magical Kitty is coming back YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Yeah I’m at the point where I am figuring out what math I will use to calculate the final score. I’ll probably be based on how much life you have left and based on time.

      1. not too fond of futa, but hey, nice one, heh.
        Kinda cute how the girl looks like as Maiko strokes her 😛

  3. Huh, scored above the creator on my first try, nice. The trick is to start with all of them on 2 (if we’re counting the levels as 0-3), then just adjust accordingly since they will either tell you to go faster (switch to 3), it’s good (leave it at 2), go slower (switch to 1), or to hold off (switch to 0), thus ensuring you make them cum on the 2nd round.

    1. Woohoo, just got the high score on my third try! Made her (I was on futa) cum by chance on the first round from 5 in a row, then finished on the second.

  4. Vortex00 ; With UMCC Pleasure Service after I played the game I push the button to submit the score and nothing happens , other than that it is still a pretty good game.

    1. Make sure you are registered to the site. In the past I searched you name a few times but never could find it. I figured you filled out the forum each time?

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