January 2, 2024

6 thoughts on “Tempo Boss Rush

  1. I think about it now, it would be fun to have a actual beat em up game, with selectable characters with different endings.

    1. @jccq89
      DoE originally was a beat em up, it was suppose to have some form of platform not as much. Suppose to have each boss you beat, you get a new weapon/ability to use in battle. This is why you see the special only being a flip kick in this. She is suppose to get a gun, than Wave Kitana etc etc for each stage.

      Do to the code being to long and difficult, taking days even month to just add one thing in DoE. Vortex00 decided to turn it into a fighting game. Tempo lost the combo sister into what you see the finish DoE of today. Also Tempo was suppose to be the main character of this flash.

      I think that is what I remember, it suppose to have hentai in DoE. It never happen instead it became a fighting brawler game.

  2. Darn, Wave one completed-press space to continue *pushes space* nothing happens… sigh. Would love to play this with the awesome music.

    1. you are having tons of problems with these arcade games here lol. I’m not sure why umcc worked for you but these don’t. how did you play umcc ? I assume not through this website


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