January 6, 2024

16 thoughts on “Maiko model test

  1. Well now the pony tails are longer and more animated for animation for the pony tails to move around. Hey more animation for the hair I don’t see why not.

    By the way is the artist of this song is it done by PSY? You know gangnam style.

  2. I don’t know why but I lost them. Maybe it’s because of Nightly, I don,t know.
    However, now that I’ve seen I can tell you:
    – In “Papaoutai shade test” I did not notice any improvement.
    – In “zytra hq and shade test” the situation is improving although there are problems.

    I also found another post that I was lost:
    I do not think the changes have been made to solve that problem.

    However, I would not want to misunderstand my criticisms. Your videos are enjoyable, however, and certainly do not expect professional treatment. They are only indications of problems that maybe could be solved this easily but I do not know that.

    P. S. I click again on “Reply” under review but still puts it as if it were new comment. Probably a Nightly problem.

    1. sounds like you are expecting something without problems. you won’t anything like that from me sorry. heh.
      I’m not perfect. and my work isn’t either.

      I’m glad you find some way to still enjoy the videos, however the problems you describe are not trivial. If they were, I would have fixed them a long time ago. mmd does not have all the modeling tools some expensive 3d modeling software would have. I would list all the issues i have in a long rant. but I’d rather not.

    1. It is actually closer to the length or her hair after some people refer her to her as Charity. Her hair is more pink then orange at a certain point in the storyline heh,

    1. Yeah this is good. Her arms are a bit on the thin side thoguh. Luma is athlete so her arms would be a bit more muscular. Heh yeah it would be interesting to find the closest porn star equivalents to all the characters heh.

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