January 6, 2024

10 thoughts on “MMD: Maiko Dance Practice 2

  1. Maiko hair animates a lot better than the others that is for sure. Showing this video shows what improvement went with Maiko’s ponytail hairs.

    Yeah Sony Vegas is one of the best video editors. It’s a good for the Youtubers editing video’s. Adobe have far better tools than Sony Vegas. Because Adobe Premiere allows plugs to use other Adobe products even Java, HTML5 etc. You know the tools that Adobe uses. However Premiere is harder to learn up the ass. Since Vegas is well organised friendly. It goes like this Youtubers use Sony Vegas, Film industry, pro animators and gaming industry use Adobe Premiere.

    Here so you can read about the two.

    Also Blender 3D can be use more than just a video game developer. IT is also a video editor.

    However Sony Vegas shits on Blender 3D’s Video Editor. But hey Blender is FREE. LOL

    1. lol I didn’t know blender had a video editor. I guess it makes sense since complete 3D videos are made in blender. I’ll probably try to get vegas again but I also wanted to added bunch of custom effects I think you can only do with after effects.

      1. Well Adobe Premiere allows you to use all of the other Adobe Products into Premiere that is a very huge advantage vs the other video editors out there. Ether way you look at it you’ll have a learning curve to learn from ether software. LOL

        If you familiar with Vegas chances are you’ll know how to work Sony Vegas than the others. But HEY surprise Blender have a video editor. LOL I try to see if Unity have a video editor… nope. I’,m surprise since Unity3D is starting to be the largest use for indie developers and users. Who know Blender would have something that another developer tool doesn’t have…. THE MORE YOU KNOW!

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