January 6, 2024

9 thoughts on “MMD custom motions 1

    1. Thanks I’ve been improving the model over time. I even have physics in the legs now lol. Hopefully it will get even better. I’m not sure how much more editing I will be able to do though.

  1. Her nipples are looking really nice. That ass-shaking and close up of the tit bouncing in the Hentai vid is super sexy 🙂

    1. Thanks yeah after I make the basic camera, on some songs I go back and try to make the camera shots a bit more perverted heh. I only did that on the Luma bubblepop and this song though so far.

  2. Those jiggles physics are very alluring and realistic – excellent work!
    Anyhow, is there a link to the camera and motion data for Hentai? Just curious.~

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