January 2, 2024

6 thoughts on “Zytra cheer dance practice

  1. Love the video, the camera and the Rec effect with the camera moving… zooming. Leyah playing with the camera is a very very nice touch! :p

    As for the song yeah the lyrics was use so many times. Don’t blame them it is a nice hook hip hop songs from one of the old cats fathers of hiphop Biz Markie. That hook of that hip hop song nobody know it will be use so many times around the world. I know he use it for the singer Mario. But there was so many others that use that hook lyrics to a song.

    Man Bix Markie was a beast at Beatboxing!


  2. Cute vid 🙂 Although Zytra needs to work on her aim, she knocked Leyah down? I believe that was me that mentioned I’d love to see a cheerleading dance or such, so thanks for that 🙂 And damn, if all cheerleaders did cheers looking like that I would never have left high school haha

    1. heh. no Leyah is still far away sitting on the ground. She was just zooming the camera in and out on her. She was zooming in on Zytra because she thought she saw a nip slip. And when she saw it she accidentally dropped the camera lol.

      At lot of highschools and especially colleges, at least in my area had a dance team if they had a football team or basketball team. the dance team was different from the cheerleaders. They probably would look nothing like Zytra though lol, in terms of body proportion.

  3. Beautiful video.

    In addition to the usual defect (you know what I mean :)) at the end of fideo the hair keep moving long after Zytra is stopped.

    Good work, keep it up.

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