January 2, 2024

12 thoughts on “Arielle training mini

  1. it’s a little bit hard to see because of the dimensions of the game.
    you might be able to press ctrl and + together at the same time to increase the size temporarily.
    should work on firefox on linux and windows.

    1. It was a lot harder. I toned it down about three times lol.

      in this one you need to use your nodes that are close to other nodes to take them and not just send everything from the main ship. And only use the giant laser if necessary.

      I might make a harder version with a smaller play area so you can see the numbers easier. I have another aria arcade game I nee to upload. just need to fix a bug in it though first. the old scrolling arcade game.

  2. I never got a chance to tell you but I really think Aria turned out well. Did you have any plans to add more into the main game in the future?

    1. Thanks, I didn’t have any plans to do add anything more to the main game no. At most will be various things based around the lore. I am working on one with Amp at the moment.

      I’m not sure what else I can add to ARIA besides just more sex stuff or animated dialogue parts. And pinoytoons is not available to do animations right now as he is working on his won projects.

      I wanted to add mercenary assist ships and custom matches where you input a user made strings/codes that will adjust different variables to make a custom difficulty. but it not necessary.

      what else did you want to see?

      1. The customization sounds pretty awesome actually, would be a very neat way to make it more immersive.

        As far as what I would like to see, I felt like there was so much potential with the interactions with your enemies before you battled them. Every time I advanced to a new level I tried to battle them with every character to see if there was some type of special dialogue or scene of some sort similar to what Phia had with a couple of the characters. Also there is a ton of potential with the battle system. When I played through on the harder difficulty it was fairly challenging and enjoyable. Easily one of the most innovative combat systems I have seen in quite some time from an independent project, Kudos.

        If Pinoy is unavailable then I definitely understand why you would want to leave it as is for now, although I was very impressed with the work you two were able to do together.

        1. Pinoy should be finishing up some Amp loops I requested, some other people recently cancelled their commissions. But I’ll still probably use them in a different game that focuses on Amp instead of Jeo.

          Not sure what else I can do to the combat system. Not because I can’t think of anything, but because flash is having a hard time handling all the particles. That or I can’t seem to code clean up functions to handle them properly. Would be better to make something like this in construct 2.

    1. you might google and try playing nano war then
      unless you had a specific question. you did go through all the images in the tutorial right ?

  3. You could so make a “fighting” game out of this format XD

    Like have character select, have the stats predetermined between characters then have them run the gauntlet against 4/5

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