January 2, 2024

27 thoughts on “Umichan Maiko Guitar Mini (Nanako)

  1. This finally is a mini wonder if you’ll have different type of music with this probably not. I know you cancel the Umichan Deluxe v2 that suppose to be a plot with Greel with the music mini than the hentai mini. I think it was cancel because thee was a problem with the animation making the plot.

    1. Most of those animations I would have had in deluxe v2, it think all of the m actually, I put into umcc instead.
      I’m going to try out a different way to do a music game though.

      1. I was in the live stream of the making of the new UM Deluxe, the problem was right in front of me, Skullo and Eroit that you was running into problem. Just with the Kyle animation of the plot was some problem. I think it was what you said if I remember correctly is that UM Deluxe was made on a old tool and that you was using a newer tool. Something out of that nature.

        As for the new music mini. I think your trying to use that music mini video you show where it’s a big ass circle that is the music mini for your next one.

        1. I vaguely remember that. But I’m not sure what tool I might have been referring to.
          Yeah the circle thing is what I’m trying to do, but I’ll probably do a square.

          1. yeah perhaps for a mini offline. That slot machine game in particular though is very frustrating. Kept getting bowser.

    1. Thanks, I have a t least two songs done with this type game mechanics but they are separate. I want to try this other method out first before I trying to make a music game of significant depth.

    1. Try clicking inside the flash game with the mouse first.
      If you have clicked outside the game with the mouse, the game won’t recognize any keyboard functions.

      1. Ive done that, still nothing. Firstly I click Mode til it displays full song, secondly I fiddle around with options and,lastly I hit 1 and nothing. I can hit the down arrow and space and Miako strums the guitar and my score goes in the negatives, but no more other that the song I cant hear anything.

  2. Sorry for the lateness of this comment, I was actually playing DoE very strange. .A 49 appears when I hit 1.

    1. yeah strange is probably putting it mildly. but the opposite “normal” is not really my thing either. It does explain some events that happen before umcc thoguh.

      if a 49 appears I’m not sure what the problem is. I suppose I will make a button you can click to start the song later on today. I was looking for the flash file on my computer earlier but could not immediately find it. I’ll have to look again later.

  3. Didn’t happen when I play UMCC personally,but I’m sure you can fix it in no time .Its ok time your time your busy. I will greatly look forward to rocking out. Thanks for taking the time to address my problem.

    1. oh so the guitar mini in umcc works fine. that is odd.
      It would be done already if I had found it. But I think it is named something else different from what I was looking for.

  4. Yes UMCC offline update 3 works very well, I love playing it. The loops as well as the full song works perfectly, I just played it.

  5. I love all your work, thoughts on updates animation, mini’s,etc , Ive look the majority all over. I like the current Umch and the hypothetical Umch. It does seem you can create more with the current Umch, the hypothetical Umch, yeah Zytra looks super awesome. There is pro’s and con’s for each like you said, and hypothetica Umch looks like it would take much longer and plus your back, as for the current Umch is awesome reguardless.

    Alot more detail would go into the hypothetical than it would look in the current Umch, I dont know maybe a way to combine them somehow if you had the time. That would be Outstanding!

    Anyway I would love your current Umch as well as the hypothetical. I would say do what you feel is most appropriate, there is always room for progression and your right there at the door.

  6. I liked to play it in UMCC. And I saw there was a record to break, I broke it.
    There’s just one problem. When you play the pattern that you can train in loop2, this pattern during fullsong looks like freezing. There’s a “huge” stop comparing to the rest of the song, that’s a shame.
    But no problem, the mini was fun to play.

    Personnage, one of your French fans.

        1. Yeah I’m glad I didn’t bother with the score for sure now lol. Better I spent it working on adding more stuff to ARIA. Well done! someone would have to 100% to beat it. I had two more of these minis also. I’ll upload them later.

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