October 4, 2023

12 thoughts on “Riley hair ?

  1. interesting but its doesn’t look as detailed and long as the example images of her above such as the curl in her pony tail but it aint bad or anything but on an artistic perspective there can be alot more done to make the hair. I have no idea about 3d modeling and i can assume it aint easy so who ever done it props to them they did a decent job on better then what i could do im just a sketch artist that like to play with photoshop. :3

    1. I guess it is easier the more experienced you are. But I sent him some changes but I also mentioned he didn’t have to change anything if he didn’t want to.

  2. Yeh like I said it ain’t bad just like the curl in Riley ponytail. Agree with image 1 looks great. As for 3d modeling I can only assume its easy to put a great amount of detail with little effort on a sketch or 2d image then it is to created on a 3d model. Nether the less some hair is better then no hair ;3

    1. yes it is much easier to sketch. Unfortunately this hair is unusable in it’s current state. it really doesn’t look enough like Riley’s hair

      1. Agreed but it is a decent job perhaps if it had the key features like the curl and the hair tie it might scratch the margin in usability but at the moment it just missing the unique feature that make Riley stand out as her own character. Well that’s my option about it still it look usable for perhaps a new character or a background model like a NPC in a video game while the main characters have the feature to stand out the NPC are background models that still look apart but not a key instrument of interest.

        1. Yeah I can agree it can used for a npc. I sent him some clarification and a new reference image. He said it would take a few days to make the changes. So we’ll see.

  3. Really dig the changes it makes the proportions feel a lot more natural. Are you seriously redoing all the assets so they will all have that kind of style for their sprites or did I read that wrong? Would be a hell of a task dude. I guess you would keep it simple… Change boob size, change hair, add color. Depending on whether you wanted to give more body/facial dynamic per character that is all you would need to change right?

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