January 2, 2024

21 thoughts on “UMCH alpha v2 demo

  1. I realized that based on how I have this set up. the guy can never cum inside Maiko.
    This is one of the reasons why I wanted to test everything together. I’ll fix it when I get back.

      1. Yeah I mean in her room. it happens every time? when I tired it and just spammed fast it didn’t got below zero to trigger it.

        well it does. but only for 1/30th of a second.

  2. Yup, even checked the old version, they both have the same animation and it hasn’t failed yet for me.

    1. I’m a bit confused on why mean by not failed. you mean it hasn’t gone to the fail screen? or you mean the bug I’m referring to hasn’t happened ?

      1. I was referring to the bug you mentioned, the guy can fail normally like in the mini you posted earlier. Here’s a screenshot of it.

        1. Oh ok thanks for clarifying.

          I tried it again and yeah I see what you are saying. I think the time I tried it earlier when I was spamming the fast button, the guy’s endurance became exactly zero. so continuing to click the button does nothing.

          But the problem I mentioned is there, just not noticeable. But basically I want that specific minigame to handle a value below zero itself. and not by the umch2 swf it gets loaded by, to ensure the behavior of the game is always correct.

          I should work on it today, but I wanted to see about ways to add jiggling boobs for that mini.

  3. Maiko’s boobs (when having sex) does not match the rest of her body, I prefered the nude boobs from umcc

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have to find some balance. I can’t use the same breast image as I did in umcc. here the breasts need to not be squeezed together as it was in umcc and her areolas are a little larger.

    1. Can’t really say I agree. Keep in mind Maiko is at the lowest level for these minis. Once you get stronger it’ll be faster to complete.

  4. The pleasuring clients part is gay. I don’t mean that as an insult. Its literally gay. Unless you pick a friend to help, you jerk off some guy POV. IMO, seeing and making a girl gives a handjob is one thing, you strait up got rid of the girl and just made a game about stroking cock.

    1. it is simple, pick a friend every time or don’t play it.
      it is a hentai game where you play as a female in first person. the game is designed for more than male audience in mind, it is optional, and it can be tailored to have a girlfriend you can watch. so miss me with the bullshit. you are literally complaining about something optional, and configurable on top of that.

  5. Jerbtroki’s liberal use of the word literally aside, why did you decide to change the caf√© mini game from sex to a HJ? Not hating here, just looking for input on the artistic decision

    1. There was always a HJ minigame in the cafe. It is now first person for the same reason I changed the boxing minigame and the swimming minigame to first person. And how the guitar minigame and shower will be first person again. to make it more of experience as playing as Maiko, like how I wanted it be originally.

      some of the hentai parts in the cafe and other parts would have been first person in UMCC also, but I wanted to avoid dealing with comments like his. so I guess I ran out of fucks to give back in umcc. so I’m simply making how I envisioned it be in the first place. And I have yet to make a post about the structure of the sex scenes. it is safe to assume it wont be exactly like this.

      you can see from this post how much the UMCC game changed over the course of development:

  6. i fixed it but there is no story now just one sex scene in the bedroom and thats it…i can go every where else but there is nobody else in the game and no dialogue

  7. Hey vortex! Thanks for helping me figure out the SFW system. Not that i was able top run the game id like to share my thoughts ^.^

    In the boxing minigame the gameplay is fine, but i found the animation a little… sluggish? The opponant showed next to no emotion as i fought her, and when i through a ounch it looked more like she was just stepping backwards than actually getting hit. I get this is just in the alpha stages but i was wondering if you planned to add some more dynamic animation for the boxing scene? i think it would be a good ad.

    Also with the bedroom sex scene whe the guy cums outside, th jizz just apears on your face, its like a magic trick XD Some animation there would be good too.

    Like i said i know this is still in the alpha stages so the things i mentioned you might have planned to deal with anyway, i just thought i would ad my two cents to the mix.

    Otherwise, great game! cant wait to see the end result ^.^

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