October 4, 2023

4 thoughts on “Luma progress mmd

  1. I thought the huge nipple was because of Maiko using the hairpin to much. LOL
    So how many MMD models are getting the update treatment?

    1. based on the story line yeah it is from the hairpin.
      But in mmd videos why not? lol. I already did Zytra.

      wanted to do the “large” and above size students, so after Luma I’ll have Roise and Stacy to do. Not including the teachers, which I want to do at some point also.

  2. Nice that’s what I was talking about back with the Riley hair when I’m was talking about the curls you gotta have the signature features that make em stand out and be unique as a character and by the simple little details like curls or a beauty mark ect makes a whole world of difference bringing life to the character 🙂

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