MMD: Bikini Dance


I have only one more video maybe two of MMD stuff that I had in mind to do for a near future upload, then I need to get back on track with UMCC and my other projects. The real stuff that matters…lol. They will feature a gothic Maiko and maybe a few other characters. I still have a lot of the WIP MMD stuff I showed that I have not finished that I will eventually get back to finishing.

Making these videos are fun. However one other reason why I made some of these videos is to help me advertize my projects when the time comes. Like most things I do, it has that double purpose.

I have a VortexPlays I need to do as well as a few update posts. I also need to populate some of the Text story/script sections I recently made.

I did a video of this song back when I was still learning MMD. I wanted to redo it with Maiko.