Umichan 3D wip 3


As much as I would like to continue adding stuff. It is necessary to attempt to fix what is already in the game first. So this is just version 2 with things I tried to fix or adjust.

-camera zooms a bit fast and has a slight more angle to look up and down.
-hentai scene penis clipping fixed. you also shouldn’t be able to exit the dialogue during it, and end up getting stuck in there.
-I also turned to the lighting in the infirmary, but I haven’t tested it.
-quest to find riley is trackable.
-whenever Maiko has only 1 reply option, she automatically says it instead of having to click it first.

thing I took a loot at but could not fix:

-I didn’t see a way to auto complete the dialogue. before skipping it. the best option is to have the dialogue appear more quickly or instantly every time.

-on some parts you need to move away and move back to a character, I tried different way to do this but they all seem worse.

-I didn’t take a look at the camera in the infirmary yet.

Download Remember you need to unzip the game first before trying to play it.