MMD: Practice Videos 2

More videos with me just testing stuff and playing with effects. I was going to work on UMCH but instead deiced to make some videos. I did get a bit of UMCH stuff done though. This is not really designed to be fapable but topless is pretty common for me either way, both if these are more designed to me artistic. This type stuff it stuff I would probably put on youtube or something later when I want to bring attention to myself and make a bikini top that fits Zytra.

It’s been a while since I made anything with just Zytra and Leyah only, but the spring theme mmd stuff I mentioned on earlier post I just plan to use them. I wanted to go the “something that looks cool” route with this video. Using the godray effect again here to make the blue light at the beginning. Looks pretty cool imo but not much else you can do because most other effects don’t show up on a white background, and if the background is not white the godray effect wont look like this, it will like it does in the Disturbia video.

The motions here are a bit jerky or instantaneous but I actually like it that way. I think it kind of has some kinda of charm to it. Maiko bring a lot of charm to the video as well. I don’t think it would be as good having anyone else in the middle.

Both of these videos have very low gravity so the hair and the boobs kind of float, but it is intentional.