UMCH alpha v2 demo

I don’t have much time to post.
below the line are my notes I made while making this. please test when you get a moment. it just a sandbox for now. you can do whatever you want.


link: remember you need to unzip this first

if you need help understand what to do in cafe minigames please refer to information found in older posts:
cafe minigame:

pleasure service:

I’m considering combing all these parts together when I’m closer to being done with the game. for now switch
between areas might be slow.

literally none of this is tested, I just coded it can compiled it. please mention any bugs or things that dont

match what I have written.

stress stuff:
in this test, the place to do the pov mini is in Maiko’s room. it consumes 1 task.

red bottom right corner number is stress so yo don’t have to keep checking the tablet.

50% chance Maiko wakes up with a random stress of 0 to 20.
otherwise maiko loses 1 to 3 mood when sleeping.

for now stress can be viewed from the tablet.

stress requirements:
cafe mini = stress < 15
cafe pleasure service = stress < 20
swimming = stress < 18
boxing = stress < 11

causes of stress:
losing cafe pleasure service increases stress by 1 to 8
getting a fat guy in the pleasure service increases stress by 1
having to recheck the order in the cafe increases stress by 1 to 2
getting the order wrong in the cafe increases stress by 1
completing a work mingame in the cafe reduces stress by 0 to 2.
winning a boxing fight lowers her stress by 1 to 3.
losing a boxing fight increases her stress by 3 to 8.
a guy cum in side Maiko causes her stress to max out at 20 if it is less then 20. if it is more it remains the
completing a swimming mini reduces stress by 1 to 2.

eating food in the cafe store reduces Maiko’s stress by 1 to 3
Store in the cafe not finished yet.
not having enough money to buy food (and other stuff later) increases Maiko’s stress by 1.

completing boxing mini or pleasure service raises Maiko’s melee strength by 1 win or lose.
completing PoV or swimming mini raises Maiko fitness by 1 to 5.

those can be viewed from the tablet under status.

melee determines maiko’s damage in boxing.
fitness determines maiko’s HP in boxing. (it begins at 50)
fitness determines maiko’s Endurance in boxing. (it is added to 100)
I think hairpin only raises it to 100, will fix later.

winning cafe pleasure service now causes cum status.
shower removes cum status

swimming removes cum status… lol. this might have a negative effect later. since one of Maiko objectives is

to clean the pool.

maiko will not work in cafe (be she can still service), or do boxing while in cum status.

being cummed in does nothing for now